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Find Your Kitchen Style: The Ultimate Guide & Quiz

coastal kitchen style

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Are you ever scrolling through Pinterest, dreaming of that perfect kitchen style, but are unsure of where to start? We have the ultimate guide to help you find your design style and even whipped up a fun quiz to uncover your perfect kitchen

Let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular kitchen styles (so you have an idea of what is out there to choose from) and give you some ideas and tools for finding your perfect kitchen style.

13 Popular Kitchen Styles to Choose From

In design, a style refers to a distinctive look defined by characteristics that embody certain aesthetic principles, preferences, and influences. This includes color schemes, materials, shapes, patterns, and overall design philosophy, which collectively create the look and feel of a kitchen.

Here are some popular design styles and kitchen ideas for you to explore:

  • Traditional Kitchen
  • Transitional Kitchen
  • Contemporary Kitchen
  • Modern Kitchen
  • Minimalist Kitchen
  • Scandinavian Kitchen
  • Mediterranean Kitchen
  • Cottage Kitchen
  • Eclectic Kitchen
  • Coastal Kitchen
  • Farmhouse Kitchen
  • Industrial Kitchen
  • Rustic Kitchen
traditional kitchen style

Traditional Kitchen Style

A traditional kitchen is homey and cozy, just like a country kitchen, but much more formal. If you’re looking for a cookie-cutter design, a traditional kitchen isn’t for you.

One thing that sets the traditional style apart from all other designs isn’t the existence of embellishments but the amount of ornamentation used in the entire design. They’re incorporated everywhere: the decorative moldings, the doors, the decorative range hoods, and so on. The more the merrier!

Transitional Kitchens

The word transitional means relating to a period (in time) of transition. In the kitchen design world, this is the middle between familiar traditional styles that remind us of the past and contemporary styles, which look towards the very near future of kitchen style.

Transitional kitchens include elements from various periods, blending the past and present to create a beautiful, timeless kitchen. There’s something for everyone with a transitional kitchen.

contemporary kitchen style

Contemporary Kitchen Style

A contemporary kitchen is a user-friendly and functional design that uses space efficiently and is ever-evolving. One characteristic of contemporary kitchen cabinets is that they use frameless, flat-panel cabinets and simple hardware. Sometimes, shaker cabinets are used in a contemporary kitchen or on a kitchen island, but this is rare.

modern kitchen style

Modern Kitchens

Modern kitchen design is often broadly categorized as any style that’s less traditional and more contemporary—but has specific roots in terms of its time, style, and inspirations. Modern design refers to an actual historical design movement (specifically the early to mid-20th century) and follows a strict interpretation of elements.

Modern kitchens tend to avoid clutter, excess ornamentation, and heavy, traditional furnishings. Compared to contemporary kitchens, they avoid experimental shapes and trends and stick with the tried and true.

minimalist kitchen style

Minimalist Kitchens

Minimalist design finds the perfect balance between simplicity and sophistication. Clean lines and smooth cabinetry lend themselves well to minimalism.

Minimalist interior design often features hidden storage, simple color palettes, and organic materials. This style creates an incredibly functional kitchen. Easy-to-wipe surfaces and functional layouts are paramount for minimalist kitchens.

Scandinavian kitchen design

Scandinavian Kitchen Style

The Scandinavian kitchen style is characterized by a minimalist aesthetic, natural wood tones, and light, airy spaces. Influenced by Nordic simplicity, Scandi kitchens are both organized and understated.

There’s effortless beauty in Scandi design. Classic white walls, natural materials, and functional cabinetry are repeated in Scandinavian kitchens. This design style embraces intentionality and paired-down spaces for understated elegance and contemporary living.

Mediterranean kitchen style

Mediterranean Kitchens

Mediterranean kitchen style, a cozy aesthetic with old-world character. Originating from the sun-kissed shores of Southern Europe, Mediterranean design captivates with its warmth, charm, and tradition.

A Mediterranean-style kitchen combines rustic and traditional elements to create a heartwarming space that serves delicious meals.

cottage kitchen style

Cottage Kitchens

While cottage kitchens existed long before the internet, the “cottage-core” trend in fashion and home design became most recently popularized by social media and online blogs.

The “cottage-core” or cottage kitchen style idealizes the countryside (specifically European rural life) while embracing feminine, rustic, and traditional elements.

eclectic kitchen style

Eclectic Kitchen Style

An eclectic kitchen is a melting pot of styles. It’s where you can see a bit of everything—maybe some vintage touches mingling with modern flair or different colors and textures all coming together in one fantastic space.

It’s a kitchen with no strict rules about matching everything perfectly. It’s all about expressing your unique taste and personality through the mix of stuff you love. So whether you’re into rustic charm, sleek designs, or funky colors,  an eclectic kitchen lets you blend it all in a way that feels like you.

coastal kitchen style

Coastal Kitchens

Coastal kitchens incorporate calming natural materials with an airy feeling to create an effortlessly serene space. Hints of blue, green, and grey are often integrated, reminiscent of the ocean.

This style embraces ease and comfort in an upscale way. Coastal kitchens are less about seashells and starfish and more about relaxed luxury. Think Hamptons beach house or luxurious Vancouver rental (instead of a beach-themed hotel).

farmhouse kitchen style

Farmhouse Kitchen Style

A farmhouse kitchen is at its best when it feels warm and welcoming. One of the most well-known elements of a farmhouse kitchen that you’ll notice quickly is exposed wood beams, which bring about a rustic charm.

Other elements include a farmhouse-style apron front sink and a brick accent wall. Don’t forget to add lots of eat-in space and a cozy breakfast nook with warm rustic pieces like a reclaimed wood table.

industrial kitchen style

Industrial Kitchens

An industrial kitchen is about its exposed elements, open spaces, and deceivingly simple décor. They use different materials layered together (stone, wood, brick, metals) to create a kitchen space that values form and functionality.

Even though they have a stripped-back appearance, industrial kitchens are places to socialize and combine understated designs. Industrial kitchens work particularly well in large spaces with high ceilings; some even have exposed beams or pipes. And the industrial feel for people who love and prefer open-plan living.

rustic kitchen style

Rustic Kitchen Style

If you love the natural beauty of the outdoors and feel drawn to spaces that pair rugged materials (like rough-hewn wood beams and stone) and comfy coziness, then rustic kitchens might be perfect.

The rustic style feels completely humble and down to earth. It’s the kind of design that is incredibly welcoming and relaxed and should feel pleasant and easy.

How to Find Your Kitchen Style

Take a Kitchen Style Quiz

Want a faster way to find your perfect kitchen design? Try our quiz to find your kitchen style today!

Gather Inspirational Photos

Give yourself free rein to dream up everything you want. Explore your style and let yourself dream a little. Reflecting on what you are naturally drawn to is a great way to explore your style and determine what direction to take with your home remodel. 

  • Pinterest is an excellent tool for finding and organizing examples of spaces you enjoy. You can pin or save photos to boards to reflect on later. You can follow us on Pinterest for kitchen inspiration @decorcabinets.   

  • Houzz is another resource for inspiration. With Houzz, you can browse countless home projects from a variety of design centers. You can filter by style to see which category resonates with you and instantly connect with professionals in that sphere.

  • Google image search is another simple way to look up design ideas. You can save the photos to your desktop or put them into an album on your phone.  

Adding descriptive keywords to your search, such as “country style” or “white cabinets,” will help define what you want. Look for commonalities. Determine why you chose them and whether there are any patterns in your photo selection.  

You can remove images that don’t quite fit or that, after reflection, don’t resonate with you. You can repeat this process to help narrow down what feels authentic. 

Find Inspiration In Person

Visiting beautiful spaces in person could help you define your style. Experiencing trending home decor, expansive architecture, or places of style firsthand can help you recognize what you like and what feels right.

Try planning a trip of discovery to:

  • Design Centers
  • Showrooms
  • Home & Decor Stores
  • Showhomes
  • Museums
  • Local Architecture

Discover Your Dream Kitchen With Decor

Discover Your Dream Kitchen With Decor

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