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15 Coastal Kitchen Style Ideas for a Relaxed Home

coastal kitchen

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Coastal kitchen style incorporates calming natural elements with an airy feeling to create an effortlessly serene space. Hints of blue, green, and grey are often integrated, reminiscent of the ocean. This style embraces ease and comfort in an upscale way. Coastal kitchens are less about seashells and starfish and more about relaxed luxury. Think Hamptons beach house or luxurious Vancouver rental (instead of beach themed hotel).

There are many styles that can be integrated into coastal kitchens. While keeping with the themes we discussed above, the kitchen could lean traditional or modern, even contemporary. Relaxation is a theme that can be used across design styles and locations.

We’ll give you 15 elevated beach house decorating ideas that showcase stunning coastal kitchens in their best light. If you are thinking of a coastal kitchen, check out these ideas from experienced kitchen designers.

1. Neutral Lake House Style

Light wood cabinets bring in the breezy outdoors in this neutral coastal kitchen. When combined with white cabinetry, this refreshing palette creates a calm backdrop for the kitchen.

While this home is closer to northern waters than blue lagoons, it carries the principles of coastal style. The stunning lake house combines natural textures of stone and ceramic with natural wood elements to cohesively match the wilderness outside.

2. Coastal Tradition with Blue Kitchen Island

This kitchen reflects coastal style by integrating white and blue cabinets with traditional finishes. The island stain allows the wood grain to peek through, which is a must for bringing nature inside. Elegance and relaxation go hand and hand for a luxurious vacation style. Shiny nickel finishes and stainless steel appliances add a sparkle of interest to this calm color palette. Mullion cabinet doors and custom range hood create a familiar and traditional design.

3. White and Grey Modern Coastal Kitchen

White and grey cabinetry make for a relaxing neutral coastal kitchen. Knotty wooden floors combined with fresh clean cabinetry creates modern contrast. This expansive kitchen is bright and airy, which is the perfect backdrop for a vacation buffet brunch. Simple pendant lights and ample pot lighting creates a bright modern space for all to enjoy.

4. Contemporary Coastal Kitchen

If you prefer an ultra-modern coastal kitchen, try white thin shaker cabinetry with grey accents and modern hardware. Crisp white countertops keep this design clean and simple. Rich blue velvet kitchen counter stools give luxurious California coast. Another reminder that coastal kitchen ideas can be reinterpreted to a variety of design styles.

5. Simple Organic Beach House Style

Natural stone and wood materials come together in this kitchen design. Why do we think this works for beach house style? The tile flooring and stone materials are easy to clean and remind us of pebbly beaches. This is a simple, neutral design for relaxation.

6. Relaxing Coastal Beach House Kitchens

This kitchen exudes a spa atmosphere. The light colour palette, subtle tile backsplash, and pops of greenery feel clean and calm. Textured wood accents aren’t quite beach inspired decor, but do connect this space to nature. Almost a mid-century modern take of a classic beach lounger, basket weave bar stools fit this space perfectly. We think this design would make a relaxing beach house kitchen, without being too beachy. Simply, a beautiful space for a coastal home.

7. Crisp White Walls and Natural Materials

This clean kitchen is contrasted with natural boho materials. These materials have a tropical vibe, which would work well in warm coastal communities. The skinny vertical tile backsplash and concrete countertops are effortless and modern. This space would easily accommodate a coastal lifestyle!

8. Bold Colours for this Beach House Kitchen

If calm coastal isn’t for you, try bright and bold colors! This kitchen is perfect for fun loving people. White kitchen cabinets and gold accents are a stunning backdrop for this bright palette. Ocean blue backsplash tile matches the blue patterned bar stools. Pops of orange, red, and fuchsia are subtle, but lively. The bright colors and bold patterns are perfect for a miami beach house.

9. White Kitchen with Coastal Blue Cabinets

Bright blue stained wood is classic for a coastal theme. This kitchen island is a fun pop of color for an otherwise modern kitchen. If you have a coastal home with white cabinets, adding a blue island is a fun beachy focal point. Add a practical farm sink and industrial light fixtures to continue the rustic modern vibe.

10. Contemporary Seaside Retreat

This beautiful contemporary home has plenty of natural light. White walls and white cabinets provide a neutral backdrop for ocean views and blue pops of color. Modern luxury meets clean coastal design creating a beautiful combined kitchen and living area.

11. White Cabinets with Pearly Backsplash

This simple kitchen design is classic and well-loved: white cabinets with black hardware. We think this would work for any home, but the pearly shimmer in the backsplash would look particularly pretty in a coastal kitchen. Think about adding shimmery or pearlescent finishes in your beach house or coastal retreat.

12. Beachy Wood Stain with Marble Countertops

Allowing wood grain to show through coloured stain is a great way to make a modern coastal kitchen feel just a bit rustic. The two tone cabinetry is clean and fun, which is the perfect balance for a coastal home. Stainless steel adds a touch of contemporary elegance, balancing the coastal charm with a modern twist. This kitchen has an effortless charm that feels relaxed and elevated at the same time.

13. Contemporary Cool Toned Coastal Feel

This cool tone kitchen is perfect for a beach house. The calm color palette of brown wood, blue-grey backsplash, stone countertop, and creamy cabinets softens the geometric lines of this kitchen. Slim shaker cabinetry and flat panel doors are combined to create a contemporary and functional coastal space. It’s a kitchen that invites you to savor the simplicity of coastal living while embracing the functionality of a modern culinary space.

14. Add A Pop of Colour With Appliances

This feminine kitchen could be perfect for a glam beach house. What really steals the show is the bright blue oven and range hood. Stone materials and sandy cream colours provide a natural canvas for the standout blue appliance. This space is inspiring for creating culinary masterpieces.

15. Breezy Blue, Coastal Wood, and Dark Countertops

This kitchen has coastal colours of breezy blue and cool brown. This traditional home creates a comfortable familiarity. Stunning dark countertops with swirling patterns add natural texture to this kitchen. These countertops anchor the space, grounding the room in a sense of enduring style.

Coastal Kitchen Cabinet Stain Colours from Decor Cabinets

Needing help choosing colours for your kitchen? Decor Cabinets has a coastal collection of wood stains that reflect the ocean waves and sandy shores. Dark hues like bonfire smoke can add depth to a modern beach house, while bright shades like sea glass are perfect for a bright retreat.

Mist, Rattan, and Foam are calm colours for a coastal dream home, while Morning Coffee and Sand Bar are rustic and natural. These Stain colors from Decor Cabinets effortlessly blend coastal style with the tranquility of beach living.

If any of these coastal kitchen design ideas caught your eye, contact a Decor kitchen designer to make your dream a reality!

Discover Your Dream Kitchen With Decor

Discover Your Dream Kitchen With Decor

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