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Stunning Calacatta Monet Marble for this Kitchen Remodel

Golden Elements

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This kitchen with stunning calacatta monet marble was designed for a Floridian couple with two young kids. One of the pair prioritized function for their love of cooking, while the other half’s desire was to create a space that felt old-world and charming (without feeling old or overdone). Balancing these two desires with the existing challenges of the older 3 story home was right up our alley: McManus Kitchen and Bath specializes in contracting and designing kitchen remodel projects.

Stunning Kitchen

This small kitchen (under 300 sq ft) needed to feel large with an intuitive floor plan that was fit for an avid home cook. We developed 3 concepts for the client and eventually landed on everyone’s favorite: a charming kitchen with a tight work triangle for maximum efficiency and bold calacatta monet marble. The key was to balance the practical needs of the home chef with traditional aesthetics.

Calacatta Monet Marble for Function and Beauty

Marble was top of the list as far as materials go for this couple. The gorgeous veining and bold look of this high-end material brought the wow factor and tradition that this couple sought after. Calacatta monet marble is not only a statement material, it’s an extremely durable quality stone.

Calacatta Monet Marble

Is calacatta monet marble easy to clean?

You can easily clean any marble countertop with a gentle stone cleaner. While cleaning marble is not a difficult task, the highly porous material is susceptible to staining. These countertops are for those who are willing to give them a daily wipe and not let food settle for long. For an avid home cook, spending a few extra minutes in the kitchen is no hardship.

Golden Elements

Why do people love calacatta monet marble?

Calacatta monet marble is a luxurious material with a distinctive bold look. Best used on large surfaces, this creamy veined marble with hints of green and burgundy is reminiscent of traditional elegance. This Italian marble creates rich visual interest and elevates spaces with its rarity and beauty.

Complimentary Cabinetry for Calacatta Marble

With such a distinctive marble, the rest of the space was kept light and fresh. A nod to old-world style but in an updated way. White and dusty blue-green painted cabinets with an ornate door style brightened the space while adding charm and personality.

Integrated Appliances

Navigating Integrated Appliances

One issue we had on this project was the paneled fridge. The appliance company sent us the wrong specs for the panels, so they were ordered wrong. When we discovered it and started to research the correct panels, we learned that this particular fridge was not originally designed for panels but the company created a “retrofit kit” so that panels could be added.

White Elegance

It was quite difficult to size the panels correctly and required routing channels in the back of them.

The customer service from Decor Cabinets was very helpful in getting this right. They worked with the engineers at the appliance company to make sure they understood was needed and created the proper size panels.

Finishing Touches for a Calacatta Monet Marble Kitchen

A lot of the fixtures and materials in this space are decorative… the ceiling lights, the marble counters and splash the wall sconces. Which is why the rest of the decor is simple. Some wall art, Persian floor rugs and bench cushions for the bay window finish the space.

It's all in the details.

The Calacatta Monet marble is very pretty. What I really like are some of the smaller details… the wall niche next to the range and the custom dog bowl holder. These small touches are just one of the examples of how McManus Kitchen and Bath goes above and beyond for homeowners.

Stunning Kitchen

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Discover Your Dream Kitchen With Decor

Discover Your Dream Kitchen With Decor

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