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Renovate Your Kitchen with Beautiful Cream Shaker Cabinets

Cream Shaker Cabinets

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A Warm and Bright Kitchen That Doesn’t Feel Small

This small kitchen (under 300 square feet) doesn’t feel tiny. Bright cream coloured cabinets provide just the right amount of warmth and light. The luxurious marble and matching hood vent create a cohesive palette of elegant neutrals.

A Farmhouse Home with Elevated Style

This client was looking to update their farmhouse style home, and the kitchen was a high priority. They wanted a spacious place to cook for their family and entertain guests, all while showcasing their personal style. This completed project really shows the attention to detail this client had and we were all so thrilled with the end results!

Cream Shaker Cabinets

Choosing the Right Materials and Finishes

This kitchen renovation went slowly at first while choosing finishes, but once those were finalized, everything progressed steadily – from install to completion.

Cream Shaker Cabinets

The beautiful cream shaker style cabinets are painted in the colour “Willow”. A soft, off white shade that provides warmth without feeling dark or enclosed. This monochromatic look feels calming and uncluttered.

Cream Shaker Cabinets

Mixed Metals, A 2024 Trend

A big trend we see in 2024 is mixed metals. To complement the warmth in this kitchen elegant brushed bronze handles in a elongated modern style were chosen for the shaker cabinets. A bronze faucet to match was an easy choice. Stainless steel appliances and bright gold light fixtures come together to create a visually interesting combination of metallic finishes. This trend can be integrated further with gold picture frames and other decor items.

Cream Shaker Cabinets

Finishing Decor Touches

This space’s minimalistic vibe doesn’t require a lot of extra decor pieces. If you prefer a more organic feel, I would add greenery in the form of plants for a pop of natural colour. Overall, with this kitchen the less items on the countertops the better!

Final Thoughts from Lindsay Design Centre

My favourite part would definitely be how bright and airy the overall design ended up looking. I also love all of the pantry cabinetry that was incorporated as it’s the most practical way to store food items out of sight.

Cream Shaker Cabinets

This kitchen renovation left these homeowners with a stunning transitional space that feels both homey and modern. Cream shaker cabinets have increased in popularity in the last year, and we loved how it was integrated into this project.

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Discover Your Dream Kitchen With Decor

Discover Your Dream Kitchen With Decor

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