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The 4 Best Kitchen Sink Base Cabinets for Function and Style


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Designing a kitchen involves careful consideration, especially when it comes to the kitchen sink base cabinet. This cabinet is the perfect example of combining both function and style. The sink is a necessity in a kitchen, everyone has one. (Sometimes two!) There are a few different style options for the appearance of the sink cabinet and consequently, how it functions. Four I love are:

  • A sink cabinet with 2 full-height doors
  • False-front sink base cabinet with 2 full-height doors
  • Sink cabinet with u-shaped drawers
  • Farmhouse sink cabinet

In this blog post, we’ll explore the four best sink base cabinets that blend practicality with aesthetic appeal.

Sink Base Cabinets for Function & Style

Here are some recommendations for choosing a sink base cabinet for your kitchen. Whether you want more storage or a nice cabinet exterior aesthetic, there are options for you.

1. A Sink Cabinet with Full Height Doors

One option for your sink base cabinet is the two full door style. The inside can be completely open or depending on your plumbing a pull-out can be added for further organization.


This cabinet style is a simple option visually, with less lines than false front styles. One thing to think about when choosing your sink cabinet is if you want that cabinet to stand out or blend into the adjacent cabinets.


You can line up full-height sink doors with full-height doors on either side for a continuous look, or break up the full-height doors with banks of drawers (like in the project photo above).

2. False-Front Sink Base Cabinet

If the two full-door look isn’t for you, the false-front sink cabinet is another option. This style has a panel at the top front of the cabinet and two doors on the bottom. Like two full-door style, depending on the plumbing in your home, a pull-out or tilt out sink tray can be added underneath for convenience.


This base cabinet style looks great beside similar cabinets (with one drawer and one door). Having all the drawers lineup is a contemporary look, with clean lines of symmetry.


This type of sink base cabinet also fits well with traditional style cabinetry. These 5-piece white cabinets are a classic.

3. Sink Cabinet with U-Shaped Drawers

This sink cabinet with a combination of U-shaped drawers are great for those who love organization. The U-shape drawer allows for the sink plumbing. If you prefer drawers over cabinet doors, this sink cabinet is the solution. There are a few options for this style of sink cabinet:

  • There is an option for a false front, and two u-shaped drawers (2 functioning drawers)
  • False front, one u-shaped, on full drawer (2 functioning drawers)
  • False front & 1 u-shaped drawer (1 functioning drawer)

Of all the sink base cabinets, this option has the most accessible storage. Sink base cabinets with doors may be able to fit a pull out, but often the plumbing restricts these additions. With U-shaped drawers, the storage is designed around the plumbing.

This look is more linear and modern since the drawer and false font are both horizontal.

4. Farmhouse Sink Cabinet

This last option is perfect to accommodate the ever popular farmhouse sink. The large apron front for farmhouse sinks looks seamless. The apron front can be adjusted to line up the bottom doors with adjacent cabinetry.


Playing with symmetry on either side of the farmhouse sink cabinet is a popular way to design cabinetry. We love how the two farmhouse sinks and cabinetry in the middle create symmetrical lines in the photo below.


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Discover Your Dream Kitchen With Decor

Discover Your Dream Kitchen With Decor

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