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A Simple Cabinetry Guide for Built-in & Integrated Appliances

panel ready integrated appliances

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Sometimes, people are unaware of the options they have for incorporating kitchen appliances into their overall kitchen renovation. 

For a standout kitchen, every detail matters – including how you add the range, fridge, and oven into your design. Gone are the days of leaving a hole in the cabinets to fill in later. 

Consider built-in or integrated appliances for a wow-worthy custom kitchen!

panel ready integrated appliances

What comes first? The cabinets or appliances?

Should you buy your appliances first before your cabinets? Or the other way around? The answer is neither! Your appliances and cabinetry should work together and be designed together.

Homeowners need to talk to their kitchen designer before purchasing appliances. Their insight into the different types of integration may be helpful to not only decide how you want to add your appliances, but how best to utilize the space you have and create a great working triangle.

After all, the kitchen layout is just as much about function as it is about appearances.

If you must purchase one before the other, purchase your appliances and then design your cabinets around them. This is the best way to accomplish a custom look on a budget. (And is great for renovation projects).

panel ready integrated appliances

What is the difference between integrated appliances and built in kitchen appliances?

There are technically 3 ways to add appliances to your kitchen alongside cabinetry. Freestanding, built in, and integrated. Here are more details on each option from least custom option to most custom:

Freestanding Appliances: This is what you would traditionally see in a standard North American home. A space is left when adding cabinets to fit most appliances. The result is a cost effective catch-all solution to fit most makes and models of appliances. There may be minor gapping and the appliances most likely will not be in line with the cabinet fronts exactly.

built in appliance cabinets

Built-in Appliances: For a custom kitchen, the cabinets are specially made to fit the chosen appliances and looks clean when installed, without gaps. The cabinet fronts are closer in line with the front of the appliances, but may not be completely aligned. This gives the kitchen a more refined look than freestanding appliances.

integrated appliances

Integrated Appliances: Fully integrated appliances seamlessly blend into or alongside the cabinets. The appliance fronts are in line with the fronts of the appliances.

panel ready integrated appliances

Panel Ready Integrated Appliances: Often cabinet panels are installed to the front of the appliance that matches the door style of the kitchen, fully hiding the appliance. Paneled appliances give the highest end appearance and are the most contemporary solution.

panel ready appliances

Why choose integrated appliances?

Integrated paneled appliances are the solution for high-end kitchen renovations or for spaces that require a polished look.

The most refined, high end kitchen designs appear perfect don’t they?

That is because a talented kitchen designer has put their skilled hand into every detail. All the small measurements and custom solutions come together to create a seemingly effortless design. Integrated appliances are a perfect example of something that looks clean, polished, and simplified – but actually takes careful consideration to pull off.

integrated appliances panel ready

Considerations for your kitchen designer...

Here are some details that need to be considered when designing a kitchen:

  • Do you want a typical range or built in oven and cooktop?

  • Will you be using a typical fridge or one that is flush with integrated fronts?

  • Does your design include a large hood to vent for your stove/cooktop or a downdraft?

  • Do you have a custom countertop depth in your kitchen design?

Discover Your Dream Kitchen With Decor

Discover Your Dream Kitchen With Decor

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