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Light Cherry Cabinet Finishes for Your Dream Kitchen

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Are cherry cabinets outdated?

When homeowners think of cherry kitchen cabinets, they don’t consider light cherry cabinet shades, they often think of warm red or brown shades of rich wood cabinetry, which were popular in the early to mid-2000s.

These kitchens were designed with a “more is more” attitude. Richness and depth were prioritized and are a trademark of this time. This is often what people try to update when renovating these kitchens, looking for a lighter take on cherry cabinets.

Cherry itself will never go out of style, as it’s a durable solid material for kitchen cabinets. The kitchen’s design and the cabinets’ finish play a massive part in whether or not it looks “outdated.”

cherry kitchen cabinets

This kitchen feels bright and open, with natural and artificial light reflecting off stainless steel appliances. Cherry cabinets are a stunning mid-tone brown, with simple crown moldings and shaker door style.

Updated Cherry Kitchens

Dark espresso cherry cabinets can be achieved in an updated style (just as honey oak can), but exploring light cherry cabinet finishes may be worth considering for an updated look. Light wood tones are a popular trend in kitchen design. If dark cherry cabinets are not for you, lighter hues may be worth a look!

In this post, we’ll compare some light cherry stain colors to a natural cherry finish to help you decide if light cherry kitchen cabinets suit you.

What to Expect from Cherry Wood

Before we discuss light cherry cabinet finishes in detail, let’s briefly chat about cherry and what to expect from this species.

  • Cherry has a straight grain, and a smooth, uniform texture.
  • Cherry heartwood can vary significantly in overall color, from rich reddish-brown to greenish-brown.
  • Cherry sapwood is a creamy white.
  • Cherry darkens over time.

Cherry is very photosensitive, meaning it darkens over time with exposure to light. This can show sooner on lighter stain colors than darker ones. Some people love this characteristic, on the other hand, some want to avoid this.

cherry wood kitchen cabinets

Updated Light Cherry Cabinet Stain Finishes

Just as fashion trends recycle in new ways, cherry cabinets are as well! Light and mid-tone stains are ultra popular in every species. Check out some of these updated stain finishes for cherry.

Light Cherry Cabinet Stain Colors

If you aren’t a fan of the natural warm cherry undertones, adding a stain will taper them down for a more neutral look. Here are some stain colours for light cherry cabinets:

  • Skyline
  • Foam (white)
light cherry cabinets

Compared to the natural cherry on the left, the “Skyline” stain on the right is much lighter in tone while still letting the stunning cherry grain shine through.

light cherry wood cabinets

As part of our coastal collection, “Foam” stain is a beautiful rustic white shade, perfect for spaces that want to look elevated, but a bit undone. 

Mid-Tone Cherry Cabinet Stain Finishes

A mid-tone neutral stain is incredibly popular. Often paired with other light neutrals like white and cream, a neutral cherry color adds an organic feel without appearing dated. A few mid-tone cherry stains that have a neutral undertone are:

  • Uptown
  • Terrace
light cherry cabinets

“Uptown” stain is less warm than the natural cherry, but is a beautiful mid-tone wood for your kitchen. As part of our Urban collection, this stain is trendy and modern.

light cherry cabinets

This mid-tone cherry stain “Terrace” is slightly darker than “Uptown.” They both share a neutral tone and work well in a variety of design styles.

Painted Light Cherry Cabinets

When ordering custom painted cabinets, we always recommend the smooth finish of High Density Fiberboard instead of cherry.

If you paint your cherry cabinets at home, give them a quicksand, start with an oil-based primer to ensure the wood tannins do not seep through, and give them a few coats of high-quality semi-gloss paint.

Light Cherry Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Here are some ideas that would look lovely in a kitchen with light cherry cabinets.

While each of these projects does not explicitly feature cherry, the design concept can be replicated with some of the stain colors we recommend above.

light cherry kitchen cabinet ideas

Eclectic White and Cherry Wood

This kitchen would be beautifully replicated with “Skyline” stained cherry. White upper cabinets brighten the space, and warm tones keep things cozy. This eclectic design features contemporary flat-style door fronts, transitional shaker cabinets, and traditional glass-front display cabinets.

light cherry kitchen cabinet ideas

Contemporary Light Cherry Cabinets

Mid-tone wood cabinets are stunning in this one-wall kitchen. Many neutrals come together in this space to create a soft, contemporary kitchen. Stainless appliances match the dusty shades of grey, and black accents make a modern statement.

light cherry kitchen cabinet ideas

Warm Cherry with Modern Accents

This kitchen borrows trends from the early 2000s and mid-century style. Warm cabinets shine in this kitchen and are beautifully balanced with white countertops, gold vintage-style light fixtures, and a contemporary black range hood.

Leaving some breathing room between the hood vent and tall cabinets keeps this kitchen from feeling closed off and dated. Choosing shaker cabinets instead of an ornate style feels fresh and updated. Any species would shine in this thoughtful design!

light cherry kitchen cabinet ideas

Rustic Style Light Cherry Cabinets

Solid wood shines in rustic-style kitchens. Cherry often has tiny pin knots and mineral streaks, which suit a rustic kitchen well. Cherry could be used for the upper and lower cabinets or just for the lower.

This design makes rustic two-tone traditional cabinetry feel fresh yet casual and homey. Everything is cohesive, with stunning crown moldings and integrated appliances.

light cherry kitchen cabinet ideas

Mid-tone Statement Cherry Island

Cherry is a beautiful species, so creating a statement island similar to this one would honor its beauty without seeming overbearing.

Functional islands are a staple in today’s kitchens and are a great way to add statement materials or finishes. Rich, warm hues of cherry in a lighter stain color add organic beauty to an otherwise all-white kitchen.

Cherry Farmhouse Cabinets

This kitchen uses the stain “Uptown” on clear alder (a budget-friendly choice). If you love the look of cherry, this design could be easily replicated with cherry.

We love the combination of wood cabinets and blue island. This farmhouse rustic kitchen is cozy and functional. 

Light Cherry Cabinets for Your Dream Kitchen

If you are undertaking a kitchen reno and are considering light cherry cabinets, you are on the path to a durable, timeless kitchen. Need help getting there? Find a Decor Cabinets designer near you.

Discover Your Dream Kitchen With Decor

Discover Your Dream Kitchen With Decor

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