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Designer Approved Trending Kitchen Design Ideas for 2024

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We know you’re dreaming about a new kitchen in 2024. We took expert advice to put together the upcoming trends for kitchen cabinets, lighting, hardware, backsplashes, range hoods, and more! If you want your kitchen to be at the forefront of design, we have 10+ kitchen design ideas for you to use that are trending for 2024.

How do we know what's trending?

Decor Cabinets is a manufacturer of kitchen cabinets, so we see firsthand what is being ordered and what styles are trending with our customers. We have a large network of designers who work at custom home building companies, design firms, and kitchen and bath retailers, who share their insights with us and create stunning custom kitchens for their clients.

In addition to our industry knowledge, the National Kitchen and Bath Association has released it’s 2024 Design Trends report, which we have drawn from to make this list of designer approved trending kitchen design ideas for 2024.

So with that being said, we have some great designer approved kitchen ideas for 2024.

Designer Approved Kitchen Design Ideas for 2024

The NKBA 2024 Kitchen Trends Report is “based on feedback from 630 industry professionals across North America”. They were surveyed about what elements of kitchen and bath design they see as most important and trending going into 2024. We took some of those ideas and cross referenced them with the projects we are seeing at Decor Cabinets to bring you 10 trending kitchen design ideas for 2024.

1. Butler Pantries

Storage is a huge concern for homeowners. We are seeing less large integrated pantries in kitchens themselves and seeing walkthrough (between the kitchen and dining room), hidden (storage space behind a false cabinet front), or adjacent butler pantries being the main place for storage. This allows the main kitchen to remain more open and decorative, which aligns with design trends of the moment. This is a luxury that many homeowners will splurge on in 2024.

2. Statement Range Hoods

For this trend we didn’t need the report to know that statement range hoods are the hot new feature in kitchen design. Almost every kitchen that comes across our desk has a beautiful range hood. Gone are the days of appliance range hoods or under cabinet range hoods. Instead, large decorative range hoods are becoming a focal point in kitchens.

3. Green Cabinets

Green is the trending colour for kitchens in 2024. When designers surveyed for the NKBA trend report were asked what colours are top of mind, green came out on top, with 32% of designers agreeing that this is an emerging colour for kitchens. Check out some green kitchen cabinet design ideas here.

4. Floating Shelves 

Aligning with the trend of open feeling spaces, floating shelves provide storage for everyday items and decorations. Open shelving draws from European and Scandinavian design influences, which focus on utility and simplicity. Open shelves are a great addition to kitchen cabinetry and suit many kitchen layouts.

5. Organic Brown or Natural Wood Cabinets

Kitchens with an organic feel, natural materials, and outdoor influences are a hot trend for 2024. Wood kitchen cabinets in a variety of natural and brown stain colours are making a comeback. (And wood flooring too!) From light shades of maple to the richness of walnut, incorporating wood cabinets into your home is a trending kitchen design idea we are loving for 2024.

6. Mixed Metal Finishes

Mixing metals is not only popular in fashion (mixing gold and silver jewelry) but it’s becoming popular in home design as well. Mixing metal finishes creates interest and releases the designer from worrying if all the tones of the same metal match. Blogger Jane At Home has a great guide on mixing metals in the kitchen.

7. Black Accent Cabinets 

Black is a rich luxurious colour, which makes it a great choice as an accent to add depth to your kitchen design. We have seen black used on accent cabinetry quite a bit in 2023, and expect this kitchen trend to carry over into 2024 as well.

8. Statement Backsplashes

Statement backsplashes are a huge upcoming trend in 2024. 46% of designers surveyed for the NKBA design trends report said if they were incorporating new statement colours they would choose the backsplash as the place to do it. We are seeing people continue to embrace more colour, and the backsplash is a fun yet eye catching place to add some interest. We’ve been seeing designers play with colour, texture, pattern, and tile size to create a wide range of backsplash design ideas.

9. Layered Lighting

Lighting plays an important part in kitchen design. In 2024, we aren’t skipping out on having ambient, functional, AND task lighting. While most kitchens will have some ceiling pendants or pot lights, integrated cabinet lighting is a must for 2024. Under cabinet lighting illuminates your workspace and makes sure your countertops aren’t in the shadows. Make sure your kitchen has layers of lighting to create a cozy living space.

10. Appliance Garages

Appliance garages are a convenient and aesthetic way to store small appliances like coffee makers, stand mixers, and smoothie machines. According to the NKBA kitchen trends report, 60% of designers surveyed said dedicated beverage areas are a design layout that will be popular in 2024. Appliance garages hide away these areas of function when they are not in use. Perfect for a coffee station or small bar area!

What kitchen trends we think are taking a backseat in 2024

First, let’s note that “trendy vs timeless” is a hot debate and we aren’t here to deter you from getting your dream kitchen – whether it’s “trending” or not. A trend is the most popular up and coming kitchen design ideas, but that doesn’t mean other ideas are outdated or wrong. It all depends on your personal preferences, style of home, and needs from your space.

So with that being said, what kitchen trends do we think are no longer “trending”?

1. All White Everything Kitchens

We love white cabinetry. However we aren’t seeing it being paired with only white cabinets, white or light grey floors, white paint, and white counters as often. Trends we are seeing for white cabinetry? White cabinets being paired with warm wood tones, green or blue accents, and black. Something to break up the white a bit and give the room some coziness, while remaining bright and classic.

If you are thinking about an all white kitchen read this post before pulling the trigger to make sure this is the style for you!

2. Floor to Ceiling Cabinetry on Every Wall

In the kitchens we have seen from Decor designers, full floor to ceiling cabinetry on every wall is becoming less common. People are wanting to keep their wall space open and not overwhelmed by cabinetry, but also not sacrificing storage solutions.

The perfect happy medium is leaving sections of open space strategically. Think, a range hood with a nice buffer of open space on either side, open shelving instead of upper cabinets, or trading a portion of upper cabinets to fit a large beautiful window.

We see some open space integrated in almost every Decor kitchen, from whole walls free of upper cabinetry to small niches of floating shelves.

3. Super Ornate Cabinet Doors

With the rising trend in flat panel and shaker style cabinets, super ornate cabinet doors are becoming less popular. This is partly due to aesthetics, but also practicality. Busy lifestyles have people favoring an easy to clean surface over those with ridges and crevices (that can collect dust and food drips if you aren’t a routine cleaner). We’ll always have a special place in our heart for traditional kitchens. But kitchen trends are moving toward simpler cabinet doors.

4. Small Pendant Island Lighting

Small island pendants are being replaced with large statement lighting fixtures and larger island pendants.

This provides more visual balance, adds more light to the space, creates a focal point, and can express personality in ever increasing minimal kitchen designs.

5. Two Tier or Multi-Tier Kitchen Islands

Two or Multi-Tier islands allow for many specialized functions to exist (in their own separated space) on one island. However, only 16% of NKBA designers surveyed responded that two tier islands are a popular feature in island design. Why do we think that is?

Well, most homeowners are using their kitchen island for many more purposes than one can elegantly fit in divided niche spaces. The average family will use an island for eating, food prep, cooking, homework, morning coffee, crafting, electronic use, kitchen clean up etc. A tiered island would be hyper specialized for two or three of these functions, but would limit the ability to do some of the others. While islands are still the center of the kitchen and a popular design feature, designers are opting to keep the kitchen island on one flat plane to accommodate many functions.

Dreaming of any of these 2024 kitchen trends?

Decor Cabinets has approved designers across North America that can give you your dream kitchen. They are up to date on current design trends and are able to create timeless designs that suit your personal style. Find a designer near you and start planning your new kitchen!

Discover Your Dream Kitchen With Decor

Discover Your Dream Kitchen With Decor

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