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26 Wood Range Hood Ideas for Custom Kitchens

wood range hood ideas

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Decor Cabinets recently put together a list of trending design ideas for 2024 and statement range hoods was near the top of the list. A wood range hood can create a stunning focal point in a kitchen or seamlessly blend into cabinetry. As a cabinet manufacturer, Decor often creates custom wood hoods that compliment a customers cabinetry.

Check out some of these beautiful kitchen designs featuring wood range hoods in a variety of finishes.

Stunning White Wood Range Hoods

White hoods are a popular choice for their fresh clean appearance and versatility. They work with many design styles from modern to traditional.

These hoods can be elegant with simple molding or finished with something more elaborate.

White cabinetry goes really well with black or other statement islands. Keeping the entire upper cabinetry and range hood white keeps things clean and lets the island pop.

Hood vents can be separated from cabinetry to create space or seamlessly integrated.

Custom hood vents work for large and small kitchens, since the hood is made specifically for the space.

Specialty trims and moldings are often added for decoration.

Range hoods can house small shelves, seasonal wreaths and other decor items to showcase a homeowners style. Why not add some decoration to your appliances during the holidays?

Simple white hood vents make a stunning yet subdued statement.

White cabinetry is a staple in kitchen design. You can’t go wrong with matching your wood range hood to your stunning painted wood cabinetry. Why not add a bit of flair to your ventilation needs?

Range Hoods with Accent Wood Trim

If an all white range hood isn’t catching your eye, white and wood trim may just do the trick. With wood tones making a comeback this year and into 2024, adding wood trims to a white range hood is totally on trend.

Mixing white and wood cabinetry is a stunning way to integrate organic modern style into your kitchen.

A white and wood trim range hood really pops against a statement backsplash.

White and wood hoods look beautiful with modern Scandinavian or Japandi designs.

Matching the solid wood range hood trim to the wood floor ties the design together. This style works with warm or cool tone wood stains.

Match the wood range hood trim to floating shelves or other wood accents.

Wood range hoods can really make a statement against white cabinets by choosing muted tones or other pops of colour.

White, light wood, and black accents is a popular kitchen combination and works well with white and wood hoods.

Rich and Dark Stained Wood Range Hoods

Dark stained wood range hoods really showcase natural wood. Wood hoods stand out and make a rich and luxurious statement.

This style of wood range hood works with traditional kitchen designs or more modern open concept kitchens.

Dark wood range hoods work with crown molding and floating shelves for a transitional style.

Go for a custom colour match!

If white cabinetry isn’t for you, custom wood range hoods can be painted to match whatever colour you desire. That’s the beauty of custom cabinets, they can be colour matched to trending paint colours or other colours used throughout the home.

Black cabinetry makes a statement and this painted wood hood seamlessly blends into the rest of the cabinets.

Muted green is a trending colour for 2024 and this range hood beautifully matches the rest of the kitchen in an understated fashion.

Ornate wood hoods complement traditional kitchens beautifully.

Wood hoods help elevate a kitchen design, whether you’re making a statement with a wood range hood or using it to camouflage ventilation needs. Wood range hoods are one of those things that help take an everyday kitchen and turn it into a WOW kitchen.

Answering some FAQ's

Are range hoods made from solid wood?

Some range hoods are made from a solid hardwood base. Others (usually those with curves) are made with a wood veneer product. Most trims are hardwood, made from the same material used for solid wood door fronts.

Are wood range hoods safe?

Yes, when made right and in compliance with building codes. Every location will have codes for combustible material and a wood range hood will need to adhere to that before being installed in a home.

All Decor Cabinets wood hoods have a stainless steel liner so steam is not directly touching the wood.

Find a Custom Kitchen Designer

If you want a stunning custom wood range hood for your kitchen, contact a Decor Cabinets kitchen designer today. codes for combustible material and a wood range hood will need to adhere to that before being installed in a home.

Discover Your Dream Kitchen With Decor

Discover Your Dream Kitchen With Decor

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