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5 Mother’s Day Gifts for Moms that Hate Cooking

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Does your mom hate to cook? While we usually recommend kitchen ideas and gifts that are for those who love this area of their home, we put together some Mother’s Day gifts for those who dred time spent in the kitchen.

Here are 5 ideas that may make your mom’s time in the kitchen a little more enjoyable or give you some guidance for things she would love to use unrelated to her least favorite task – cooking.

Or if you are shopping for yourself, here are some ideas that we think will make meal time easier. Here are 5 Mother’s Day gifts that are great for moms who hate to cook.

1. Easy Meal Subscription Kits

Meal subscription kits can make dinner time a breeze. With less energy spent meal planning and grocery shopping, your mom has more time to herself. We have two recommendations that require different amounts of prep and cook time. 

Hello Fresh Subscription Box

Straight from Hello Fresh: “Enjoy exciting menus and customizable meal plans delivered to your doorstep.” Hello Fresh is a popular meal service for both the US and Canada. While the meals do require a bit of prep, the service takes meal planning and grocery shopping off the table.

Get your mom a Hello Fresh gift card here.

mother's day gifts for moms who hate cooking

Home Chef Meal Subscription

Home Chef differs from other meal kits because they offer convenient Over-Ready meals. They also carry classic meal kits but for the mom who hates to cook, delivered meals that require minimal prep is the way to go.

Get your mom a Home Chef gift card here (they only deliver to the USA).

mother's day gifts for moms who hate cooking

2. Everything for One Pan Meals

This is a practical gift. A large pan or skillet and a cookbook. Easy one pan meals are a great low effort dinner for those who hate cooking – but want fresh good food. Here are a couple recs for what mom would need to get started.

A Large Sided Skillet or Pan

This rec from the blog Epicurious sings praises for the large steel skillet. Make one easy meal, in one dish, and eat for many dinners. Perfect for those who hate cooking daily.

“I use my big skillet more nights that I could have possibly imagined. I’m usually only cooking for two people, but I love a big prep Sunday where I make 10 chicken thighs to eat throughout the week…Imagine the time you’d save cooking for a family on a weeknight.”

mother's day gifts for moms who hate cooking

One Pan, Whole Family: 70 Complete Weeknight Meals

This cookbook would pair perfectly with a nice large skillet. The overview boasts: “Fast, deliciously nutritious family meals—minus the cleanup! Carla Snyder takes her tried-and-true cooking methods and delivers 70 incredible, reliable recipes that everyone—including the kids—will love. And to top it off, they’re all made in one pan and ready to eat in 45 minutes or less!”

mother's day gifts for moms who hate cooking

3. Low Effort Appliances

There is not a lack of low effort appliances to help your mom deliver delicious meals with minimal effort. A new appliance is something she’ll love this mothers day, especially if it makes her life easier. 

Here are a few we recommend that are the perfect gift.

Instant Pot Duo Multi Cooker

Everyone who has an air fryer or an instant pot is obsessed with them. Why not combine both to make the ultimate handy gadget! Pressure cook, air fry, slow cook, bake and more using one do-it-all ultimate lid. This appliance is on double duty and will be a favorite home cook staple.

This rec comes from our 2024 luxury kitchen gift guide. Check it out if you want more gift ideas: birthday gift, christmas gift, etc.!

mother's day gifts for moms who hate cooking

The Original Crock-Pot

The Crock-Pot is the ultimate low effort dump and go appliance. From pulled-pork to hearty soups, this appliance is great for set and forget meal prep. This green colour is super cute and would look great left out on the counter.

mother's day gifts for moms who hate cooking

4. A Fun Gift For Cooking Haters

If hating to cook and a sense of humor are traits of your mom, try going the funny route for gifts. It may be a bit risky, so tread lightly or combine with a more sentimental gift as a backup!

The "I Don't Want to Cook" Book

This collection of recipes (and hilarious title) is perfect for the mom who hates to cook. The book includes “100 tasty, healthy, low-prep recipes for when you just don’t want to cook.

mother's day gifts for moms who hate cooking

Funny "Kitchen Closed" Sign

A sassy “kitchens closed” sign might be the perfect funny gift for a mom who hates cooking. These funny decor items can range from silly to crass so pick one that suits your mother best. 

mother's day gifts for moms who hate cooking

5. Something that has nothing to do with cooking

If your mom hates cooking, maybe a gift that has nothing to do with the kitchen is a better choice. Maybe she would appreciate something that helps her out in the kitchen, or maybe she wants something unrelated. 

Here are a few recommendations that will delight her (and not remind her of chores).

Essential Oil Diffuser

A beautiful essential oil diffuser is a luxurious gift for home relaxation. Used instead of a candle, to help calm before sleep, or to support your body during illness, a diffuser has multiple purposes and can turn your home into a relaxing spa.

mother's day gifts for moms who hate cooking

Simple, High Quality Jewelry

A simple, quality jewelry item is a great gift idea for Mother’s Day. You can’t go wrong with a chain or simple pair of earrings. Take a look in her jewelry box or see what metal her wedding rings are and get the same. (Most women have a preference for gold or silver!) That way whatever you buy will be something mom loves.

mother's day gifts for moms who hate cooking

The Viral Stanley Quencher

This ultra popular item may just be on your mom’s wish list. The travel mug comes in a variety of colors and comes with double wall vacuum insulation to keep your coffee hot and sweet tea cold. We are sure this will be the perfect gift for most moms this mother’s day!

mother's day gifts for moms who hate cooking

Wi-Fi Digital Photo Frame

If you have a sentimental mom, a digital photo frame uploaded with treasured memories is a great way to go for Mother’s Day. Pick a frame with a white matte for an upscaled look. If your mom isn’t tech savvy, set it up for her!

mother's day gifts for moms who hate cooking

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Discover Your Dream Kitchen With Decor

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