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7 Popular Kitchen Colour Schemes That You’ll Love

U-Shaped Kitchen Design

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Choosing one palette from a huge collection of Kitchen Colour Schemes is exciting. But it can be overwhelming at times, with so many aspects to consider.

It’s best to break the process down into stages and take each step one at a time. Planning the kitchen colour scheme is the part people enjoy the most.

You’ll want to choose something that doesn’t date in a handful of years. The classic and timeless kitchen colour schemes we talk about in this short article are worth considering for your next remodel.

Decoration and accessories can be used to change the scheme but the colour scheme of the kitchen itself won’t date any time soon.

Read about each kitchen colour scheme and spark your creativity for your next kitchen remodel.

Light kitchen

Black and White Kitchen Colour Schemes

The black and white contrasting palette has been a popular combination in any design world since long ago. Even though the contrast between black and white is strong, it’s still quite easy to live with.

When we think of black, words that come to mind are empowering, sophisticated, classic, and expensive. Words that describe white very well could be pure, clean, simple, and bright.

Create maximum impact with this colour palette, choose the brightest, crispest white and the purest black you can find. Then soften the strong contrast by adding gray tones. instead of installing gray cabinetry, implement gray with stainless steel appliances and create a bridge between the contrasting colours.

Black is a strong hue that impacts the space heavily, so if your space is small, use it to accentuate the space, not as a main colour.

If you like modern and contemporary styles, then consider using a glossy finish for the black surfaces. The light will bounce around the room better making it brighter even though it’s black. Also, the black will feel much less heavy this way.

Now, if black and white is too much for you, the next kitchen colour scheme might be better.

White kitchen with backsplash accent

Invoke Trust With Navy Kitchen Colour Schemes

Navy is a sophisticated and timeless colour that got its name from the British Royal Navy and certainly makes a bold statement.

Thinking of a bold paint colour like navy brings up pictures in our minds of uniformed soldiers or figures of importance such as the police. So, words that describe navy perfectly would be credibility, authority, reliability, and loyalty. It imbues a sense of trust and order in us, so it’s no surprise we love it so much.

Putting navy and wood together is perfect for a look that demands authority but is still timeless and discreet.

If you love the combination of navy with wood accents but you’re afraid it may make your space look too dark, simply use navy as an accent colour.

For example, you could have your kitchen cabinets painted a cream colour, but have a navy island. This way your kitchen will still be nice and bright and the navy colour will create contrast and add depth to the design.

Now, if navy is too bold for you, you can always go for a lighter sky-blue colour scheme.

Dark blue kitchen with wood countertop

One of the Most Relaxing Kitchen Colour Schemes is Natural Earthy Tones

Natural colours aren’t necessarily boring. A natural colour scheme gives a warm and homey feeling. It’s timeless because none of the colours are bold and overpowering. You’ll always feel relaxed around them and you’ll never get tired of such soft and inviting colours.

Think of different sandy, wood, and stone colours. They look best in either modern or traditional-style cabinets, but they add an authentic touch to a country kitchen design as well.

If you want to get away from the dark colours, and natural tones aren’t bright enough for you, maybe you prefer an all-white colour scheme? Keep reading to find out.

Warm Brown

White on White With Natural Light

White-on-white cabinets are possibly the most timeless of all kitchen colour schemes. A soft white is pure, clean, and pristine and gets us to think about clarity, simplicity, and innocence. It gives a bright and airy feel and is pleasing to the eye.

The best part about it is that you can choose any decoration and accessories to add to the design if you ever feel like you need to add some colour.

Now, if white is too bright and decorating isn’t your thing, then you might like the next colour scheme.

Perfect White kitchen

French Kitchen Colour Schemes

French-style kitchens typically use soft subtle colours. Think of light blues, soft grays, antique whites, and muted coffee colours. These soft colours highlight the essence of detailed French kitchen designs.

Use these subtle colours to create a timeless colour scheme in both modern and traditional-style kitchens. Combine them with some natural materials like butcher block or granite countertop and add some contrast so it doesn’t turn out monotonous.

If you like the natural wood countertop idea, you might love the next one.

White Kitchen

White Kitchen Colour Schemes With Contrasting Natural Wood Cabinets

If you’re after a modern or farmhouse kitchen, then this is the colour scheme for you. You can’t get closer to nature than having natural wood and stone in your home. And with white being so simplistic and pristine, together they create a combination that’s airy, cozy and clean all in one.

The best thing about this is that it won’t become outdated anytime soon. Plus, white and natural wood combined give a beautiful contrast and create a timeless colour scheme.

Use the wood for accentuating the space, not as your main colour. For example, use wood for open shelving, countertops, or feature paneling, so it doesn’t get too overwhelming. Also, avoid wood that’s too reddish or too dark in colour, you might get tired of them quickly.

Next, let’s go over one of the kitchen colour schemes that’s been around for a long time.

White kitchen with warm wood accents

Sage or Olive Green Kitchen Colour Schemes

If you’re looking to give your kitchen a traditional feel with a touch of modern design, choose a matte sage or olive green for your kitchen with either a wooden butcher block countertop or a lighter countertop like marble with the pulls and knobs being brass, stainless steel or gold accents.

This sage or olive green combination is great for farmhouse or country-style homes with touches of rustic throughout.

Recently, however, sage and olive green are also being used more in modern kitchen designs.

Sage Kitchen

Final Thoughts

Adding thoughtful, colourful elements to the interior design is the easiest way to update your kitchen. There are so many ways to go about this. For example, you could paint your kitchen, you could add or change the tiles, or install updated fixtures and hardware.

The number one key when designing a kitchen is to know which style you wish to choose and the colour palette you wish to go with.

If you’re not designing a new kitchen, and just updating your existing one, then you can choose to do a full-colour change or just add a few subtle touches.

Whether you choose to go with a full-colour switch or do some decorating, both can make a huge impact on the design and turn your place around.

Feel free to check out some pictures on Houzz or Pinterest for inspiration. And if you need help with your design, feel free to get in touch with one of Decor’s dealers in your area to meet with an interior designer and help you out. They’ll give you a stress-free experience and help you every step of the way.

We hope this short article helped inspire you and take the next step in your kitchen design journey.

Discover Your Dream Kitchen With Decor

Discover Your Dream Kitchen With Decor

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