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30 Design Ideas for Modern Rich Black Kitchen Cabinets

black kitchen cabinets

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Whether you’re a homeowner looking for a chic upgrade or a designer seeking fresh inspiration, we’ve got you covered with 30 design ideas for modern black kitchen cabinets. Black is a rich and impactful colour choice for kitchen cabinets. The contrast black brings to design adds a contemporary feel to many design styles. Black kitchen cabinets lend to modern spaces really well. But they can be implemented in modern farmhouse, contemporary design, and even some traditional spaces. Let’s jump right into these black kitchen cabinet ideas.

1. Black kitchen cabinets for small spaces

Black kitchen cabinets in a tight space? Absolutely! It’s often thought that black will make a space smaller, and while that can be true, the richness of black can also create illusion of depth, making your compact kitchen feel more expansive. In this design, the cabinets do not extend all the way to the roof, creating open space and reflecting light.

2. Luxurious traditional black kitchen islands

These rich black islands add stunning luxury to this kitchen. Intricate traditional detailing and gorgeous marbled countertops complement and contrast from the simpler white cabinets on the adjacent wall.

3. Monochrome White and Black Cabinets

A monochrome design with tall white and black cabinetry is a simple yet impactful way to integrate black cabinets in kitchen design. Natural elements like the stone backsplash and wood flooring compliment the modern cabinets.

4. Modern Balance with Black and Wood

Combining flat panel black kitchen cabinets in a matte finish with lighter wood cabinets creates a contrast between organic and industrial. The design is nicely balanced between depth and texture.

5. Match A Statement Range Hood

Statement range hoods are a trend that we are seeing in increasing numbers. Carry the matte black texture of the range hood into some base cabinets for a cohesive and interesting design. The patterned tile beautifully marries the black and white colours together.

6. Black kitchen Cabinets with Green Tile

This eclectic leaning modern kitchen features rich black cabinetry, green chevron tile, and wood floating shelves. The result is visually interesting and creates a cozy feel.

7. Black, White, and Wicker

Most of the cabinetry in this kitchen are black, but some strategically placed white upper cabinets keep the room feeling open. Wicker and light wood tones add warmth without deepening the colour pallet. A great combination!

8. Black Cabinets as an Accent Feature

Black cabinets add depth and ground a space. This makes black a great colour for some accent cabinets to help define working areas or provide visual interest.

9. Black Cabinets for a Galley Kitchen

When you have a long or very open space, there may be the need to create definition and separation between areas of function. These black cabinets help define the kitchen and ground the space.

10. Black Cabinets and Stainless Steel Appliances

Black cabinets and stainless steel are a match made in heaven. Black and metal are a great pairing, so if you are looking for a cabinet to match your existing appliances, black is a great choice.

11. White and Black Cabinets with Dark Wood Floors

If you like rustic or masculine spaces, dark flooring and black cabinets will give you that feeling. The cozy feel of rich dark cabinets and flooring balance out white in design to create a homey yet modern space.

12. Contemporary Design with Black Cabinets

Mixed materials, textures, and finishes are trademarks of contemporary design. Adding black cabinets is just one way to add depth and interest to streamlined contemporary kitchens.

13. Black Cabinets in a Tuscan Style Kitchen

Black cabinets also work really well in a warm, but modern Tuscan style kitchen. Traditional flourishes, deep colours, and copper finishes are combined to create an old world feel.

14. Flat Panel Black Cabinetry with Wallpaper

Dark kitchen cabinets really pop against a neutral backdrop. The vertical lines mirror the tall cabinet, creating a balanced, modern kitchen design.

15. Island Waterfall Countertop with Black Cabinets

Waterfall countertops are a beautiful addition to an island. The black drawers really contrast and let the stark white stone shine.

16. Rustic Leading Design with Black Base Cabinets

This is another great example of a rustic leaning space with black cabinets. Dark colours tend to lean masculine in design, which pairs perfectly with wood beams and natural wood floors.

17. Clean and Modern Two Tone Kitchen

This simple two tone kitchen is modern and sleek. Gold hardware really pops out from the dark cabinetry, adding a hint of shine. The white upper cabinets blend into the wall, creating an open feel. Skinny shaker trim cabinets keep the kitchen feeling simple, yet polished.

18. Modern Farmhouse Kitchen with Black Cabinets

Modern farmhouse style is a great fit for black cabinets. Natural wood finishes, rustic wood tables, and black shaker cabinets come together to create a comforting yet trendy modern kitchen.

19. Try Off-Black Shades like Dark Grey or Blue

While you can buy true rich black cabinets, there are also off-black shades or soft blacks that appear black in some lighting scenarios, but reflect blue, grey, or brown when in direct light. If you want dark kitchen cabinets, but aren’t sure about true black, try a dark shade of another colour.

20. Rich Black Cabinets in Minimalistic Design

This minimalistic kitchen makes a big impact with these flat panel base cabinets. Clean lines and sharp angles create a simple kitchen that feels fashion forward.

21. Colour Blocking With Black Cabinets

This design uses alternating cabinet finishes to create a “colour blocking” effect. Sharp square angles and dark cabinets add contemporary definition to the all white backdrop.

22. Create Depth with Black Cabinetry

A full wall of black cabinets creates depth in this kitchen with low ceilings. The eye is drawn toward the dark colour, elongating the space. You can use black cabinetry to create an optical illusion in a small or uniquely shaped space.

23. Minimalist Wall of Black Cabinets

These flat black cabinets blend into each other in this kitchen niche. The asymmetry of the ovens, which almost appear to be floating, adds an artistic, contemporary flair to the space.

24. Black Cabinets with Black Appliances

If you have black or black stainless appliances, try matching them with black cabinetry. The black on black look creates a streamlined line of sight, which nicely contrasts the white upper cabinets to create a simple modern two tone kitchen.

25. Black Kitchen Island and Walk In Pantry

Black works well as an accent colour in modern spaces like this one. The black island speaks to the black cabinetry in a walk in pantry, bringing the two elements together to create a cohesive kitchen design.

26. Elegant Black Kitchen Cabinets

These black cabinets help elevate this sophisticated space by creating richness and luxury. Gold details add to the elegance while a black feature wall draws the eye down the kitchen to the open concept dining area.

27. Black China Cabinet Feature

Black frosted glass front cabinets create a lovely feature in this modern home. The black cabinetry helps define the dining portion of the space, and gives the homeowner somewhere to display items, while the frosted glass leaves something to the imagination.

28. Flat Black Island Drawers with Waterfall Countertop

Another waterfall island design, but this time the black drawers are in tune with the stone. The difference in finish gives the cabinets a bit of a pop, but overall this is a more uniform look than we saw earlier (with white stone).

29. Black Kitchen Cabinets with Gold Accents

This black and gold kitchen design is reminiscent of the art deco period (think, The Great Gatsby). The use of black and gold together creates an air of luxury and sophistication that feels oh so glamorous.

30. Black Cabinets for Large Kitchens

With large kitchens, you don’t have to worry about closing off the space, in fact, that may just be the goal. Large kitchens can feel too open and can benefit from dark kitchen cabinets to create that cozy feel small kitchens have. You don’t have to worry about it feeling cramped, because you have the physical space that tiny kitchens just don’t have.

Ready for your kitchen remodel?

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Discover Your Dream Kitchen With Decor

Discover Your Dream Kitchen With Decor

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