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Love White Cabinetry? Read this before choosing an all white kitchen

all white kitchen cabinets

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Considering an all-white modern kitchen? White cabinetry is a well loved staple in kitchen design. It’s a default style for many homeowners for it’s versatility, popularity, and resale value. However there are nuances with the design, practicality, and longevity of white cabinetry. In this article we’ll give the love for white cabinetry a thoughtful second look. Don’t worry, we aren’t trying to lead you astray, but provide you with the tools you need to make an informed and confident decision about your kitchen.

So before you commit to an all white kitchen, check out this quick read from Decor Cabinets. You’ll find out if white kitchen cabinets are for you – or not.

The Allure of the All White Look

The white kitchen has been around since the 20s and 30s. However throughout the decades, the way white cabinets are styled has gone through many renditions. The white kitchen will be forever popular and it’s a neutral, safe choice for homeowners, developers, and businesses. It provides a great base to layer other colours, materials, and accessories, meeting current trends without commitment.

So why should you hesitate to install an all white kitchen? Let’s get into some of the things to consider before your next kitchen renovation.

bright vs cozy kitchen design

Bright VS Cozy Aesthetics

Do you know what you want your kitchen to feel like? Picture the cozy vibe of Christmas morning in the home you grew up in. Or stopping into your grandmas house for a cup of tea. This warm and nostalgic feeling can be replicated in design, incorporating traditional elements and warm colours. The nostalgic feeling of yesterday may be some people’s save haven, but it may feel dated to others.

On the flip side, the crisp, clean look of an all-white kitchen is like a breath of fresh air—modern, sleek, and clean. White kitchens reflect light well and have an air of minimalism. White is also associated with that “new house feeling” many crave. White cabinets, when paired with white walls and countertops can feel quite tranquil. However some people might find this look lacks that feeling of “home”.

There are ways to make white feel cozy, and ways to have a minimalistic warm space, but regardless, you should know how you want your kitchen to feel before choosing an all white kitchen by default.

white kitchen dishware display cabinet

Messy Folks Beware White Cabinetry!

If you are a… passionate cook in the kitchen, white cabinets may just call you out! White cabinets will sooner reveal sauce splatter or dirty fingerprints than a darker colour or even off-white would. Thankfully cabinets these days have a durable, stain resistant finish. But if you like to go a bit longer in between cleaning, (or let things build up over time – hey we are just being realistic here!) all white cabinets may not be for you.

Need help cleaning your kitchen cabinets?

white cabinetry for kitchen

Do You Want To Be Popular?

For good reasons, white kitchen cabinets are a popular choice. The clean lines and modern feel of pure white is appealing to many – and we agree, white kitchens are gorgeous! But they are also really common. We’re sure you have a friend or two (or more) that have a white kitchen. Some crave the distinctiveness of bucking the trend. For these free spirits, it’s not about what everyone has; it’s about forging a space that echoes their unique style. If you want to curate a space that stands out from the crowd, you may want to think twice about an all white kitchen.

All White VS White AND...

Looking for the sweet spot between warm charm and modern clean?

White is beautiful and versatile, so it easily matches with other colours and finishes. While you can pair white cabinets with granite countertops, white paint, and white backsplash, there are other options out there.

solid wood shaker style kitchen cabients

For example white cabinets can be paired with another colour for a two-toned kitchen. White cabinetry is beautifully complemented with blue kitchen islands for a fun pop of colour.

two tone white kitchen cabinets

White and wood is a huge trend right now, embracing transitional style. 

Antique white cabinets can be paired with traditional accents and wallpaper for a fun vintage inspired white cabinetry design. The options are endless!

So if you still love white cabinetry but want something a bit more energetic than the all white look, try adding some warmth, texture, or colour in other ways.

It's up to you and your style!

Hopefully this article made you feel confident moving forward with your all white kitchen cabinets, or gave you permission to investigate other design ideas. The all white kitchen is a go to choice for many homeowners. The well loved clean appearance is a easy choice to increase resale value and it’s a great backdrop for many design styles.

all white kitchen cabinets

If you have been dreaming of white kitchen cabinets, go for it! But if you are taking the “safe” route, or after reading this article, have second thoughts, there may be a better choice for you! Ultimately, it’s your space and you should do what you love.

If you want more design ideas for white cabinetry, check out these 30 ideas for traditional white kitchen cabinets.

Find a Kitchen Designer Near You

Considering a white kitchen remodel? A professional designer is waiting to get started drawing up your perfect custom kitchen.

Decor Cabinets are sold exclusively through design centers across the USA and Canada and we can recommend a well respected and talented designer near you.

Discover Your Dream Kitchen With Decor

Discover Your Dream Kitchen With Decor

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