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What are HDF Cabinets? Creating Beautiful Painted Kitchens

kitchen hdf cabinets

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Why Choose High Density Fiberboard Cabinets for Your Kitchen?

Its uniform texture, density, and smoothness make it ideal for painted cabinetry. HDF cabinets lack wood’s natural imperfections, making them a better choice for painted finishes. HDF is not susceptible to swelling, separation, or weathering, which can occur with wood cabinets as they age.

While some love the way wood behaves, HDF is the way to go if you want something more predictable and don’t want visible wood grain.

kitchen hdf cabinets

What are hdf cabinets made of?

All cabinets consist of a door front, cabinet box, and interior finish (for drawers, shelves, etc.). For high density fiberboard cabinets, the door front is what is made from HDF.

Box construction is usually made from melamine, birch plywood is an upgrade. Since the cabinet box is just to provide structure, it makes sense to use a lighter, less expensive material.

Drawers can be melamine, maple, or walnut, or Blum Legrabox drawers. Wood drawer boxes have quality dovetail joints.

The doors are arguably the part of the cabinet that gets the most wear and tear. So, choosing a quality cabinet door front is important for longevity!

kitchen hdf cabinets

What is HDF?

High Density Fiberboard (HDF) is an engineered wood product composed of wood fibers (extracted from wood chips) and pulped wood by-products.

It is formed with glue under immense pressure and heat. Its recycled construction makes it environmentally friendly. HDF is denser, more robust, and more durable than Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF). 

HDF does not contract or expand with heat, is dimensionally stable, and is more moisture resistant than MDF. This creates an exceptionally smooth surface, perfect for painted doors!

Types of HDF Doors

You can choose from a few styles of HDF doors, all are finished with a multi-step painting process.

hdf cabinet doors

1 Piece Flat HDF Doors

This door is one solid piece of high-density fiberboard. Fabulous for contemporary and transitional spaces.

hdf cabinet doors

1 Piece Routed HDF Doors

This door is one solid slab of HDF routed to appear like a 5 piece door. It aesthetically resembles a 5 piece, but without any seams.

hdf cabinet doors

5 Piece Construction HDF Doors

This door is made from 5 pieces of HDF, 2 rails, 2 stiles, and a center piece. It is the closest resemblance to a solid wood door, because of the seams created from piecing it together.

Kitchen Ideas with Painted HDF Cabinets

Painted HDF can look just as beautiful as solid wood. Here are some stunning ideas to inspire you to consider HDF doors for your kitchen cabinets.

kitchen hdf cabinets

Traditional White

White is one of the most popular paint colors in our standard product line and custom color matching. These white-painted doors are bright and modern in this kitchen.

kitchen hdf cabinets

Modern Painted Kitchen

This fun kitchen embraces color and personality with HDF cabinets. Contemporary elements like flat cabinet fronts, open shelving, and mixed materials create this eclectic space.

kitchen hdf cabinets

Painted White and Stained Wood

This is another example of white HDF-painted cabinets being used! White and wood are a huge trend right now. Combining a stained solid wood island with white-painted cabinets is a great way to highlight natural wood where grain patterns are visible. You can save a little money by choosing HDF cabinetry instead of a solid maple door painted white.

kitchen hdf cabinets

Bright Color with a Smooth Surface

If you love bright colors, HDF is the perfect smooth surface to let them shine. These bold blue shaker cabinets are fun and modern. 

kitchen hdf cabinets

Glamour and Elegance with HDF Cabinets

This is your sign that HDF cabinetry can look elevated and classy. These beautiful cream-colored cabinets look stunning in this glam living / dining area.

Interested in HDF Doors for Your Kitchen?

You can order any of Decor’s standard paint colors or custom paint colors in HDF for beautifully finished cabinetry. Get started on your dream kitchen and find a designer near you!

Discover Your Dream Kitchen With Decor

Discover Your Dream Kitchen With Decor

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