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The Best Wire Mesh Cabinet Doors for Your Kitchen

wire mesh cabinet doors

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What are wire mesh cabinet doors?

Wire mesh cabinet doors (or inserts) are primarily decorative. The cabinet center panels are made of metal and designed into a woven or crosshatched pattern.

Woven wire mesh cabinet inserts are a stylish and functional addition to any kitchen. They offer a unique blend of contemporary design and practical utility, seamlessly fitting into your vision while maintaining an airy, open feel. 

wire mesh cabinet doors

These are a range of wire mesh cabinet inserts available from Decor Cabinets.

Why We Love Wire Mesh Cabinet Doors

Why do we love the trend of wire mesh cabinet inserts?

  • Adds texture to cabinets.
  • Another way to add metal to kitchen design.
  • Visually appealing.
  • Allows airflow into cabinetry.

Light bounces between the reflective contours of the wire mesh inserts, providing a beautiful texture and finish that could previously only be achieved by hardware. Wire mesh cabinet inserts are another opportunity (apart from fixtures and hardware) to play with metals in kitchen design.

Swirling patterns of champagne-plated bronze and black powder-coated basket weave are just a sampling of available options bringing geometric refinement to cabinetry. 

wire mesh cabinet doors

This feminine white kitchen uses gold wire mesh to add sparkle and tradition to this built-in china cabinet.

The wire mesh insert can create interest in a design, allow airflow into a veggie drawer, or provide subtle visibility for what’s inside. These cabinet fronts perfectly combine a utilitarian aesthetic with modern shapes and traditional patterns. Old-world materials intertwined with the trends of the moment.

Types of Decorative Wire Mesh

Here are a few styles and patterns of metal mesh for kitchen cabinets. Brass or gold mesh and powder-coated black are the two most popular finishes, which we have shown below.

There are more than just those finishes on the market, from cool-toned nickel to warm copper and antique brass.

Swirling Bronze Mesh

This swirling bronze wire mesh makes a well-suited circle pattern for traditional and transitional kitchens. It is visually appealing and creates a unique statement!

Tight Woven Wire Mesh

This pattern is a tight weave of flat metal. This will provide more privacy as to what is inside the cabinet. Decor Cabinets has a bronze and black finish in this cabinet mesh. This wire mesh cabinet is versatile, well suited for many kitchen styles.

Modern Cross Hatch

This black cross-hatch mesh is a more expansive, open square than the woven mesh. This can be used in modern spaces and farmhouse-style interiors. Depending on the surrounding decoration and cabinet style, it can look like a chicken wire pattern or industrial-style mesh.

Regular Basket Weave

This pattern is a standard metal basket weave cabinet front. Not too open and not too small. Great for china cabinets, veggie drawers, and more!

Contemporary Vertical Mesh

This ultra-contemporary cabinet material is a beautiful vertical rectangle pattern. Slight variations in wire thickness give the mesh a slight organic vibe while remaining utilitarian in theme.

Wire Mesh Cabinet Doors Style Inspiration

As an emerging trend, wire mesh cabinet doors may be difficult to imagine in your home. Here are some of the best options to integrate this material into kitchen designs. 

Cottage Farmhouse Metal Mesh

Decorative wire mesh suits a cottagecore or modern farmhouse aesthetic perfectly. It helps create a utilitarian or practical vibe, while still looking stylish.

wire mesh cabinet doors

Organic materials suit this warm color palette nicely. The homey feeling of tradition and familiarity combines the feminine shimmering brass and powder-coated wire mesh, creating a perfect farmhouse aesthetic. 

wire mesh cabinet doors

Wood cabinets suit the wire mesh front well, a beautiful combination of industry and organic.

Transitional Timeless Wire Fronts

Wire mesh is a versatile material that can easily be implemented in a transitional style. Because transitional spaces are more ambiguous in theme, wire mesh fits in well, providing a modern, trendy flair to the design.

wire mesh cabinet doors

This custom project is a stunning example of a timeless kitchen. Brass wire fronts pop against dusty blue cabinetry.

wire mesh cabinet doors

Mesh fronts are perfect for vegetable storage drawers since their woven structure naturally allows airflow.

Industrial Masculine Wire Door Front

Powder-coated black metal cabinet fronts fit the quintessential masculine industrial vibe. The dark color and iron texture suit an edgy, moody color palette.

wire mesh cabinet doors

Black is the ultimate neutral. It is versatile and works with many colors and textures. We love how the metal mesh is combined with leather, stone, and other metal accents in this masculine mood board.

wire mesh cabinet doors

Wire mesh is beautifully showcased as the center panel of a wood door. We love the combination of homey comfort and ruggedness it creates. 

DIY the metal mesh look

If you aren’t thinking about a new kitchen anytime soon, you can DIY the mesh center panels or purchase a wire mesh cabinet online. This mossy green cabinet from IKEA would be perfect in an adjacent dining room.

IKEA IVAR Cabinet with doors and gray-green mesh.

Discover Your Dream Kitchen With Decor

Discover Your Dream Kitchen With Decor

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