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A Dreamy and Feminine Award Winning Custom White Kitchen

warm white kitchen with walnut accents

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This series of blog posts features designers who have been recognized by Decor Cabinets LTD and awarded an Elite Design Award (EDA) for their designs with Decor products. This stunning custom white kitchen designed by LeAnn Weber won Best Large Kitchen over 300 sqft.

kitchen designer leann weber

LeAnn Weber
MainBuilt Custom Homes


MainBuilt Custom Homes is a premier builder of luxury estates in Iowa. It’s there that designer LeAnn Weber unleashes her creative skills in designing one-of-a-kind kitchens. 

LeAnn has been designing cabinetry since she graduated with a degree in Interior Design, something she loved right from the start. She says if she wasn’t doing kitchen design she would have to find some other creative pursuit. 

Her favorite part of her job is problem-solving and finding solutions. She is passionate about her craft and is focused. Getting clients the perfect kitchen that is unique to them. So much so, that when she is enveloped in designing a project, she’ll often have dreams about it!   

custom white kitchen with walnut accents

This custom wall of white cabinetry is a stunning feature of this kitchen.


Located in the suburbs on a quiet cul-de-sac, this custom home was for a client who needed something bigger for their growing family. The kitchen was an important part of the project, as the owner would spend quite a bit of time there. This client was looking for something traditional, tailored to her unique style. LeAnn shared that the owner had a defined sense of style, and they carried that throughout the entire project. When accepting her award for best kitchen design over 300 sqft she said, “It’s easy to design beautiful spaces when the client has such amazing taste.” 

white kitchen with maple ceiling detail

The beautiful maple ceiling beams highlight the 12-foot tall ceilings.

Raising the Roof (Ceilings) For this Kitchen

This client loved the dramatic ceiling that was in the great room and wanted this feature carried into the kitchen as well. Originally, the kitchen ceiling was not the 12ft that it is now, but with LeAnn’s intervention, the client got exactly what she wanted. 

One trend LeAnn loves right now is unique ceiling details. She was able to create a stunning wood feature in this client’s home. Painted tongue and groove paneling add just the right amount of texture in between the white oak-stained beams. This highlights the islands and adds beautiful character. 

Custom Walnut Accents Bring Organic Warmth

To contrast the stunning white kitchen cabinetry, walnut elements were added to this kitchen. The larger of the two islands has a custom side panel that resembles a grand piano. Decor Cabinets manufactured this curvature with design inspiration from LeAnn. Natural stain highlights the colour variation of the wood. On the other island, a 4-inch end grain butcher block counter from Grothouse perfectly matches the custom walnut side panel from Decor.

custom walnut kitchen island
functional kitchen islands

This custom walnut island detail from Decor is just one of the many touches of walnut in this warm white kitchen.


This room has a romantic flair. White elegant and timeless painted maple 5-piece cabinetry creates a fresh foundation for the rest of the design. The cabinet colour was specially matched by Decor to blend with the rest of the home. Integrated panels for the fridge and freezer delicately hide the appliances, not to take away from the feminine feel of the design. Brushed brass drawer knobs are a dainty addition. Traditional style shelf brackets add character. The kitchen feels warm and dreamy. Furthermore, it’s beautiful to the eye and extremely functional. 

The two white islands create a functional walkway for the cook to access multiple surfaces easily.

Functional Split Island for Efficiency

This stunning kitchen features 3 functional islands. The first provides a large workspace and a quick dining area. The other two mirror each other and act as one island with a walkway in between. This was intentionally done to save the cook from having to walk around two large islands.  


The project LeAnn submitted, and ultimately won an award for is a stunning warm white kitchen with rich walnut accents. The use of custom cabinetry in this home gave the client exactly what she was looking for. I don’t blame LeAnn for dreaming about her client’s kitchens, I wouldn’t be surprised if this shows up in my dreams as well– it’s gorgeous. 

stunning custom white kitchen

This warm white kitchen was a dream come true.

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Decor Materials Used: 

Maple – Special Match Paint 
PP470 Door 
5 Piece Ply Panel Drawer 
O/S Profile H 

Walnut – Natural Finish 
FP740 Door 
5 Piece Flat Panel Drawer 
O/S Profile L 

Discover Your Dream Kitchen With Decor

Discover Your Dream Kitchen With Decor

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