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tfl oak and black kitchen

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Featuring Award Winning Designers

This series of blog posts features designers who have been recognized by Decor Cabinets LTD and awarded an Elite Design Award (EDA) for their designs with Decor products. Jessica Curry is featured for taking home the EDA in the Zonavita brand small kitchens category.

Jessica Curry   
Interiors by Jessica Curry

The Author of this Design

Jessica likes to sit down with clients and tell them the story of their design. They can imagine how this new space will carry them through their day with efficiency and style. Having worked with this homeowner on previous design projects, they started off strong knowing the direction of the room and some of the contemporary materials. However, Jessica was able to add her expert touch and write in some unexpected but welcome additions to this kitchen, showing creativity really does flourish in the right hands.  

contemporary new york kitchen

The Design Story Begins at an Architect's New Build Home in Rochester

The home is planted on a beautiful, wooded property where ample foliage can be viewed through large black-framed windows. This forever home embodies simplicity and contrast, as the couple enters a new stage in their life as empty nesters. 

black flat panel cabinets

The kitchen, often considered the heart of the home, is a place for quiet reflection with a morning coffee, or a date night spot to enjoy quiet dinners for two. The room is airy and open feeling with ample light. Industrial cabinetry and fixtures add a polished edge to the open-concept space. Simple yet durable finishes are perfect for when grandchildren visit, racing around the large central island. 

Industrial Materials Were Favoured By the Client

Black Matt UV Lacquer thermally fused laminate cabinetry creates depth and contrast in this contemporary kitchen. Black is quintessentially modern and to achieve simplicity, flat panel cabinet fronts were chosen throughout. Roll-out shelves are carefully concealed behind smooth doors to keep exterior profiles minimalistic. A large central island holds most of the storage for everyday cooking, reducing the need for many upper cabinets. 

tfl oak and black kitchen

The forest is brought inside by wrapping the black cabinetry in Tobacco Halifax Oak TFL panels. The realistic wood texture is complete with knots and swirling grain patterns. Throughout the kitchen, a dark teal blue horizontal tile backsplash creates depth and reflects light. Ceramic ripples catch the light reflected around the spacious kitchen.

Cabinetry Strategically Grounds the Space Without Overwhelming the Room

The tall, angled ceiling in this kitchen draws the eye upward. This open concept kitchen is simplistic in appearance, but there is no lack of depth. The cabinetry’s clean lines beautifully complement the existing architecture. Space is artfully maximized without taking away from the clean aesthetic. Everything flows together inside and out. 

contemporary black kitchen cabinets

Bringing the Kitchen to Life

During the design process, when Jessica gets to a point of satisfaction, she can start envisioning the room coming together with layers of colour and material. This combines the finishes chosen with the initial drawing to illustrate the full picture and tell the design story to the customer. She’ll include samples for the customer to touch, taking them into the design.  

This makes the project come to life – for both Jessica and the client.  

black contemporary cabients

If you are looking for a designer to tell your story, contact Jessica at Interiors by Jessica Curry. 

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Materials Used
Black Matt UV Lacquer TFL
Door Style 100
Drawer Style Plain Horizontal Grain
O/S Profile G

Tobacco Halifax Oak TFL
Door Style 100
Drawer Style Plain Horizontal Grain
O/S Profile G

Discover Your Dream Kitchen With Decor

Discover Your Dream Kitchen With Decor

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