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modern floating vanity

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This series of blog posts features designers who have been recognized by Decor Cabinets LTD and awarded an Elite Design Award (EDA) for their designs with Decor products. Stephanie Langford is being featured for her win in the Zonavita brand Bathrooms category.

Stephanie Langford
Oakville Kitchen & Bath Centre

Meet the Designer

Stephanie Langford from Oakville Kitchen & Bath Centre is in her 19th year of kitchen and bath design. She has an interior design background and previous experience working for a small custom cabinet manufacturer. It was during the latter that she discovered how cabinets were made, and the possibilities that custom cabinetry holds for designers.

She Has an Eclectic Design Style

She appreciates clean, organized spaces that are thoughtfully curated: a selection of plants, antiques, whites, and warm wood tones. An eclectic mix of clean lines and traditional pieces.

Combining modern and traditional styles (using Zonavita brand products) is exactly what Stephanie did for the project we are featuring today.


This stunning bathroom concept was designed to be a display for Oakville’s showroom. It intentionally combines modern and traditional styles to help clients visualize new ideas for their home.

Here’s how Stephanie achieved this blended eclectic look:

  • Clean Lines, Flat Cabinet Fronts, and No Ornamental Flourishes
  • Unexpected Floating Vanity
  • Choosing Traditional, Earthy Materials
  • Adding Industrial Modern Finishes
  • LED Lighting
  • Styling with Transitional Housewares

She Has an Eclectic Design Style

1. Clean Lines, Flat Cabinet Fronts, No Ornamental Flourishes 

The foundation of this design is clean lines and minimalistic cabinetry. There are no routed edges or traditional 5-piece cabinet fronts. Sticking to simple, clean lines in the design keeps the bathroom feeling modern.

2. Unexpected Floating Vanity

The matt black floating vanity will be an unexpected design for Oakville’s mainly traditional clientele. Using negative space is a trademark of contemporary design, which Stephanie implemented beautifully.

3. Choosing Traditional, Earthy Materials

Mixing clean lines with traditional materials balances the design so it still feels close to home to those who love traditional style. The matt black vanity is wrapped in rustic 1 ½” Tobacco Halifax Oak columns. Clients can see the warm familiar texture of wood grains implemented in a new way.

A tall linen cabinet finished in Tobacco Halifax Oak sits to the right of the floating vanity. It’s anchored by a 6″ Black Matt toe kick, again combining wood textures with clean lines.

4. Adding Industrial Modern Finishes

Dekton Trillium stone/porcelain countertop caps off the vanity and adds an industrial flare with its faux steel finish. An integrated Dekton sink is incorporated into the top for a seamless modern look. This rustic industrial vanity is topped off with a matte black Kohler faucet.

5. Led Lighting

A back and front-lit LED mirror adds the perfect amount of accent and task lighting to this bathroom.  Undercabinet LED lighting from Zonavita highlights the drawer contents and is a luxurious surprise when opened.

6. Styling With Transitional Housewares

Stephanie styled this space with matt black vases in traditional shapes, again balancing modern and classic interior design. A small bar of natural soap and a faux plant add earthy touches to this rustic industrial bathroom.

Project Challenges Become Learning Experiences

There were some struggles that Stephanie faced during this bathroom design project. For example, a white sink would not have suited the rustic modern vibe. She needed to troubleshoot finding complimentary materials for this eclectic bathroom.

However, challenges like these are her favourite part of the project. This was the first time she had worked with this particular sink product from Dekton. She enjoys the learning experiences that come with working through designs.

Are Display Projects Just for Show?

Are showroom projects just for looking at? Well, yes and no. While they are for display purposes, they have an important function.

Showroom displays give clients inspiration, opening their minds to different materials & design styles.

For example, not all bathrooms would have the space for a tall linen cabinet like the one used in this project. Offsetting the sink to the right shows clients that the sink doesn’t have to be in the center and what they gain from offsetting the sink.


If you enjoy the warm familiarity of traditional design, but the fresh clean lines of modern industrial style, try combining them like Stephanie did in this showroom bathroom.

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Materials Used:

Tobacco Halifax Oak
Black Melamine Interior
Door 100
Drawer Plain (Horizontal Grain)
O/S Profile G

Discover Your Dream Kitchen With Decor

Discover Your Dream Kitchen With Decor

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