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16 Shaker Kitchen Ideas for a Beautiful Home

shaker kitchen ideas

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Are you interested in a beautiful shaker kitchen? These stunningly simple cabinets are loved by many, making them a hot trend of the moment. Keep reading for 16 shaker kitchen ideas that an interior designer would approve of! (All the kitchens shown are from Decor dealers and independent designers)

What is a shaker style kitchen?

Shaker cabinets have simple stiles and rails with a right-angle profile. The center panel of the cabinet is smooth. The thickness of the stiles and rails can vary from a thicker shaker to a skinny shaker. 

shaker kitchen ideas

Shaker cabinets some in a variety of widths of stiles and rails. This kitchen combines modern slim shaker cabinets with floating shelves – a perfect pair!

Are shaker cabinets timeless?

Shaker cabinets are considered timeless because they beautifully combine both modern and traditional influences. The stiles and rails nod to traditional cabinets, while the crisp 90-degree edge profile incorporates the clean lines of contemporary design. This transitional combination is long-lasting because it doesn’t resemble a particular era or aesthetic.

16 Shaker kitchen ideas

Here are 16 ideas for shaker kitchens. There are a few tried and true designs and some unique ideas you may not have thought of!

White Shaker kitchen ideas

The beloved white shaker cabinet is a popular choice for homeowners. The bright and clean appearance of white is hard to resist! Here are some shaker kitchen ideas for white cabinets.

shaker kitchen ideas

1. White shaker cabinets with a hint of wood.

There are many people who love an all white kitchen, but the trend of late is to add subtle hints of wood. This added warmth brings a little cozy to a white kitchen with modern shaker cabinets.

shaker kitchen ideas

2. White shaker cabinets and marble.

This cute kitchen may be small, but it is full of style. Marble countertops are the perfect match for white shaker cabinets. A classic choice.

White Shaker kitchen with black accents

Want to know what else goes well with white shaker cabinets? Black accents. This monochromatic modern vibe is another common pairing for a shaker kitchen.

shaker kitchen ideas

3. Shaker kitchen with black accents.

This classic shaker kitchen with black island chairs, light fixtures, and cabinet hardware is a common choice for renovations and new homes. This kitchen even has integrated lighting for an elevated look.

shaker kitchen ideas

4. Organic modern shaker kitchen.

This kitchen’s light wood and white is a breath of fresh air! We love organic influence mixed with modern black accents. Matching black appliances keeps things cohesive.

shaker kitchen ideas

5. Shaker cabinets, black accents, and other materials.

We love the classic combination of white shaker cabinets with black hardware – but with a twist! Stainless steel, bronze, and black finishes can all be spotted in this kitchen. We love the visual interest and unique vibe this creates.

White Shaker kitchen Ideas with wood accents

Wood and white are probably the biggest trends we see in kitchen design right now (if we had to pick just one). Which is why we had to include this combo for shaker kitchen ideas. Wood pairs so well with white for a balanced design. Pristine is combined with organic in these modern shaker kitchens.

shaker kitchen ideas

6. Wood door fronts with white cabinets.

We love the foundation of white cabinets in this kitchen and the accent glass front cabinet doors in beautifully stained hardwood. The wood cabinets frame the dishware inside, drawing your eye toward your keepsakes and treasures.

shaker kitchen ideas

7. Slim shaker with subtle wood accent panels.

This kitchen’s design is very minimalistic. Everything is subtle and clean. We love the hint of wood used to separate the main cooking and prep area from the full-height kitchen cabinet.

shaker kitchen ideas

8. Two tone white shaker cabinets with rustic wood.

Opting for a rustic-looking wood paired with white creates a farmhouse or antiqued vibe. The undone look of the wood contrasts with the crisp white shaker cabinets.

Cream shaker kitchen ideas

Cream and beige cabinets are a trend in kitchen design for those who want the brightness of white but an overall warmer appearance. 

shaker kitchen ideas

9. Bright cream shaker cabinets.

This stunning kitchen with classic shaker cabinets looks cozy and feminine. Marble countertops and brass hardware add a little luxury to this ranch-style home. 

Check out the full project feature here.

shaker kitchen ideas

10. Contemporary cream shaker kitchen.

This contemporary kitchen with monochromatic cabinetry is stunning, with a pop of black revealing the mountains outside. Try matching cream cabinets with cream walls for a clean aesthetic. 

Painted shaker kitchen ideas with accent cabinets

You don’t need to have all your cabinets the same shade! Shaker cabinets lend to fun modern pops of color and work with unique design styles. Here are some painted shaker kitchen ideas you may not have thought of!

shaker kitchen ideas

11. Frame the cooking area with grey shaker cabinets.

We love how the grey shaker cabinets frame the main cooking area and create a stunning feature in the process! The skinny shaker trim adds just the right amount of depth to the door front with out taking away from the overall design.

shaker kitchen ideas

12. Shaker island with bright pop of color.

We love this teal slim island with shaker trim! A bright pop of color that matches the statement backsplash.

shaker kitchen ideas

13. Dark floor to ceiling shaker cabinets.

This transitional shaker kitchen has plenty of storage space, which features rich blue pantry cabinets framing the fridge. A fun and functional statement!

shaker kitchen ideas

14. Sage shaker kitchen cabinets.

We love the sage shaker cabinets in this kitchen, bringing together a bunch of neutrals for a charming feel. Green is a neutral, right? 

Wood shaker kitchen ideas

Wood doesn’t just have to be an accent; make it the focal point! Wood cabinets are stunning in their own right, so here are a few examples of how shaker cabinets can look beautiful in a stained wood finish.

shaker kitchen ideas

15. White rift oak and white shaker cabinets.

White rift oak has a stunning linear wood grain. This pairs well with a shaker cabinet front. Against a backdrop of white cabinets and tile floors, these cabinets stand out!

shaker kitchen ideas

16. Light wood shaker kitchen cabinets.

This stunning West Coast design concludes this list of shaker kitchen ideas. Light wood slim shaker cabinets create a beautiful modern organic kitchen.

Find a kitchen designer near you!

We hope you enjoyed these shaker design ideas. If you need help with your kitchen makeover, find a designer near you. They can create a completely custom shaker kitchen that fits your every need.

Discover Your Dream Kitchen With Decor

Discover Your Dream Kitchen With Decor

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