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How to Get Beautiful White Oak Cabinets (for Less!)

white oak kitchen

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White Oak is still quite popular in the design world, especially with the rise in organic modern style trends. Dark and grey stains are increasingly replaced with lighter neutral colors and natural wood tones. And overall, more woods are being introduced into designs. If you are considering oak kitchen cabinets, consider white oak custom cabinetry or one of our stunning (and cheaper) alternatives.

What is white oak? (And why do people like it?)

White oak is a different species than the familiar warm-toned honey oak (red oak) and is not to be confused with rift oak, which is a way of cutting oak. (Both red and white oak can be rift cut.)

Read this article to determine how to decide between oak and rift-sawn white oak cabinets.

There are a few notable differences in the appearance and structure of the wood. Red oak has an arching grain pattern, while white oak is fairly straight.

white oak cabinets

The Wood Database explains in great detail the distinction between red and white oak: “At a casual glance, unfinished oak lumber will generally be light brown, either with a slight reddish cast (usually red oak) or a subtle olive-colored cast (white oak).”

Why are we obsessed with white oak cabinetry?

White oak cabinets have captured the hearts of homeowners and designers alike for several reasons.

  1. White oak is seen as more versatile and “of the moment.”

  2. The light tones blend with various interior styles, from classic to contemporary.

  3. It also adds an organic touch without being distinctively traditional.

Options for White Oak Cabinetry (The real deal & for less!)

There are many options to achieve the look of white oak kitchen cabinets.

white rift oak cabinet front

Natural White Oak Cabinets

Natural oak cabinets are stunning and long-lasting. Decor Cabinets offers rift-sawn white oak cabinets for that trendy, contemporary look. The Cost? White Oak is generally more expensive than red oak. White oak isn’t rare but is less used than red oak, creating less supply and a higher price tag.

If you are budget conscious, we’ve developed some products that give the look/feel of white oak without the pricetag.

Stained red oak with neutral tone

Stained Red Oak Cabinets ("Oak")

Loft & Terrace stain colors from Decor Cabinets can replicate the feel of white oak. These stains cut the warm tones of red oak and provide a trendy, neutral finish. As we mentioned above, red oak is a cheaper alternative to white oak cabinets.

However, there are alternatives to natural wood as well.

Thermally Fused Laminate (TFL) Manufactured Wood Cabinets

Our contemporary Zonavita cabinet line carries a few options that give the same feel/appeal of white oak and won’t age like natural wood. As all wood does, red and white oak cabinets will change over time. Most wood cabinets will age as the cabinetry is exposed to the elements: humidity, light, air, etc. That is part of the reason why some people love them!

If this doesn’t sound appealing, TFL is a durable, easy-to-clean material that will look the same as the day you put it in. Oh, and it’s less expensive than natural wood.

Trending Design Ideas for White Oak Cabinets

White oak brings a warm, inviting feel to any kitchen, whether hosting a family dinner or just whipping up a quick meal. Here are some white oak kitchen ideas to get inspiration for your space!

The clean lines and subtle grain of white rift oak provide a modern yet cozy backdrop, while marble countertops add a touch of luxury and sophistication. This neutral kitchen is oh-so calm yet sleek and sophisticated.

white and oak cabinets

Picture this: a pristine white kitchen with cabinets and countertops gleaming in sophistication. Imagine a stunning oak island anchoring the space, adding warmth and character to the crisp, clean palette. This design juxtaposes the timeless appeal of white cabinets and countertops with the natural beauty of oak.

white oak kitchen

Non-grain-matched white oak cabinets with black hardware. This bold combination offers a contemporary twist on traditional wood cabinetry, infusing your space with sophistication and edge. The non-grain-matched oak adds texture and depth, while the black hardware adds a striking contrast, elevating the overall aesthetic.

white oak TFL

These cabinets boast the beauty of oak with the durability of TFL. Zonavita offers a contemporary take on white oak kitchen cabinets. The European style of clean lines and flat cabinet fronts are combined with the practicality of North American living.

Discover Your Dream Kitchen With Decor

Discover Your Dream Kitchen With Decor

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