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Grain Match Cabinet Doors for a Stunning Uniform Kitchen

book matched cabinetry

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Grain match cabinet doors offer a clean, intentional look to your kitchen design. This style of cabinetry is symmetrical and balanced, best used in contemporary and modern spaces.

What are grain match cabinets?

The term “grain match” refers to the manufacturing process of Thermally Fused Laminate (TFL) or Veneer cabinetry. When cabinetry is grain matched, it means all the adjacent fronts are all cut from the same piece of material. The grain then matches up seamlessly throughout the section of cabinetry. This creates uniformity in the grain pattern, perfect for a bank of drawers or stacked cabinet doors.

This set of grain matched drawers has a beautifully aligned gain pattern.

grain matched cabinet doors

Check out the grain matched doors on these tall cabinets.

Pros of Grain Match Cabinets

  • Grain matching creates clean lines in design.
  • It looks very intentional and thought out.
  • It’s more modern and contemporary than non-book match doors.

Cons of Grain Match Cabinet Doors

  • More labor intensive for manufacturing and design planning.
  • Usually more expensive than non-grain match cabinets.
  • Replacing one cabinet door is much harder to do well.
  • If the door is replaced and it’s not a perfect match, it stands out.

Which should you choose?

There are some situations where grain match cabinetry really shines. For example, drawer stacks. Any combination of multiple cabinet fronts stacked on top of each other is a great candidate for grain match cabinets.

book matched cabinetry

Check out the grain matched fronts on this stunning bar area. The grain on the stacked drawers continuously blends from one to another.

However, there are some situations where grain matching is not necessary. For example, regular wall cabinets won’t benefit from grain matching (provided they aren’t stacked). Additionally, materials with a very light grain pattern will still appear uniform with non-grain matched cabinet fronts.

not book matched cabinet doors with light grain

While the grain pattern doesn’t stand out on these cabinet drawers, the fronts are not grain matched.

Some people prefer the look of non-matched grain. The staggered grain pattern can be an intentional design choice.

not book matched cabinet doors

These drawer fronts are not grain matched, giving the drawers a staggered, rustic modern look.

Final Thoughts

Overall, whether you want grain match cabinet doors or not is up to personal preference and budget. Veneer & TFL grain patterns do not have to match up perfectly to look beautiful, but there is something eye-catching about seamless grain matching!

If you are interested in grain match cabinet doors, you can find a Decor Cabinets designer near you.

Discover Your Dream Kitchen With Decor

Discover Your Dream Kitchen With Decor

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