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Here are Ideas to Fall in Love with Red Kitchen Cabinets!

red kitchen cabinets

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Are you ready to love red kitchen cabinets?

Red kitchen cabinets can turn an ordinary kitchen into a bold and lively space. Whether you’re into contemporary vibes or a more traditional feel, red cabinets can bring energy to your home and add that perfect pop of color.

Imagine a kitchen that’s functional and full of personality —red cabinets can make that happen!

Inspiration from Social Media

Some of the best places to look for inspiration is on social media. Instagram and Pinterest are abuzz with design ideas for a red kitchen.

red kitchen cabinets pinterest
red kitchen cabinets pinterest

Red is for those who want to stand out! Pinterest has endless inspiration for red kitchens, from rich red to burgundy and everything in between.

red kitchen cabinets

This Instagram reel from @formkitchens showcases stunning contemporary designs with red cabinetry. Watch the reel here!

If you are considering red kitchen cabinets, Decor Cabinets has many custom options for you. We also have some inspiration from design centers and Eurocucina 2024! Let’s jump in.

Custom Red Kitchen Cabinets

Here are some red options from Decor Cabinets standard paint and stain collections. However, a custom color match can provide the perfect shade of red that you are looking for.

wood stain red kitchen cabinets

Clay - Wood Red Kitchen Cabinets

This color is delightful, fun, and bold. Rich, warm terracotta cabinets combine emerging trends in contemporary design with the subtle organic textures of wood grain. 

Clay - Red Cabinets with Wire Mesh

Combining Clay wood stain with a black wire mesh insert creates a cottage farmhouse inspired look. Perfect for showcasing fine china or mason jars full of pantry goods.

Pueblo Brown - Painted HDF Red Kitchen Cabinets

Red-brown cabinets blend the boldness of red with the depth and neutrality of brown. It is a great starting place for those interested in red but unsure if a bold look is for them. Painted high-density fiberboard cabinets have a smooth, enduring finish.

We love this color for traditional, Mediterranean, and contemporary kitchens.

Modern Glam and Contemporary Red Cabinets

A modern kitchen with a bright pop of red is a well-loved design for cabinets. Red cabinets add a touch of excitement and can act as a striking focal point, creating a bright contrast against neutral tones or stainless steel appliances.

Glossy Red Cabinets

The glossy high-shine finish catches the light and creates a striking contrast to the neutral backdrop.

red kitchen cabinets

This luxurious glam Decor kitchen features beautiful glossy cabinets.

Rich Red Wood Cabinets

A rich burgundy or red-toned wood stain is a safe but fun option for your kitchen. Cherry, oak, and maple all have warm undertones and would suit a red stain well.

Burgundy Kitchen Cabinets

For a custom, contemporary kitchen, this space was designed with White Rift Oak wood veneer in stained “Burgundy” and using a slab door style.

This kitchen was designed by Decor dealer Kitchen Land. The stained wood veneer is complimented with granite countertops and cherry engineered flooring.

Neutrals and Red Island Bench

This kitchen project from Decor Cabinets dealer Beck/Allen Cabinetry features some stunning bright red cabinets. This modern kitchen is complete with a splash of bold, bright color and was designed in collaboration with Mitchell Wall Architecture & Design.

Bright red pairs well with a contemporary palette of soft white and grey. An island is a great place to add a pop of color!

Contemporary Inspiration from Kitchen & Bath Shows

Kitchen industry events showcase what is new and upcoming in kitchen design. Here are some sneak peeks of what is becoming on trend!

Award-winning designer matthew ferrarini shared his talent at KBIS behind these striking modern red cabinets. – Interiors by J Curry

Trending Red Kitchens at EuroCucina

EuroCucina is the only major kitchen trade show in Europe, and the most important on a global scale for the industry. Here are some red kitchens our staff saw on the road this year at EuroCucina 2024!

red kitchen cabinets

Terracotta red cabinets were all over the show! These contemporary slab door cabinets are stunning, with convenient pocket doors and stunning terrazzo backsplash.

red kitchen cabinets

These stunning red cabinets pair beautifully with light wood tones. The flat finish is perfect for the smooth door fronts. 

Red Cabinets Outside the Kitchen

While we know you are searching for kitchen inspiration, we couldn’t help sharing this fun bonus room with custom red lego themed cabinets!

red lego cabinet

This is the dream for a LEGO fan! Red cabinets truly bring energy and fun to a space, and these custom LEGO brick doors are no exception.

Discover Your Dream Kitchen With Decor

Discover Your Dream Kitchen With Decor

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