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Mediterranean Kitchen Style: 17 Beautiful Ideas for a Warm Home

Mediterranean kitchen style

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Mediterranean kitchen style, a cozy aesthetic with old-world character. Originating from the sun-kissed shores of Southern Europe, Mediterranean design captivates with its warmth, charm, and tradition. But what are the key elements of Mediterranean-inspired kitchens? We’ll cover the earthy color palettes, stunning ornate details, and textures that create an inviting atmosphere reminiscent of Spain, Greek, and Italian style in your North American home.

Mediterranean Style kitchen

Key Elements in Mediterranean Style Kitchens

Mediterranean style incorporates materials, architectural details, and colours commonly used in Southern Europe. This includes:

  • Rock and Stone
  • Plaster, Textured, or Stucco Walls
  • Wood Cabinetry, Beams, and Flooring
  • Archways and Arched Designs
  • Intricate Moldings
  • Ceramics and Patterned Tiles
  • Metals like Copper and Iron

A Mediterranean style kitchen combines rustic and traditional elements to create a heartwarming space that’s great for serving up delicious meals.

17 Mediterranean Kitchen Ideas For Cozy Homes

Picture yourself amidst earthy hues, textured walls, and inviting aromas in one of these cozy Mediterranean kitchens. These designs embrace the simplicity of European coastal living and the richness of culinary tradition.

1. Warm Cabinets and Arched Range Hood

Mediterranean Style kitchen

Stained cabinetry makes a stunning statement in this kitchen. The large arched range hood creates a beautiful window to the kitchen backsplash, an impactful focal point for the room. The earthy tones in this color palette brings old world charm to this Mediterranean kitchen.

2. Arched Doorway and Mullion Doors

Mediterranean Style kitchen

There are many elements of tradition in this warm kitchen. Marble countertops and glass mullion cabinet doors have timeless appeal. A stunning arched doorway at the end of the space leads to the laundry area, drawing the eye through the space and adding historical charm.

3. Stone Fireplace and Wine Fridge

Mediterranean Style kitchen

If anything says “Mediterranean kitchen” it’s a stone fireplace, wood-fired pizza oven, and wine fridge. It’s not just the appearance of the natural materials and rich colours, but the environment that these dining room/kitchen elements create. This is a space to enjoy good food and relaxation, embracing slow living and the beauty of a life well lived. A little bit of Italy at home.

4. Weathered Wood and Stone Backsplash

Mediterranean Style kitchen

This kitchen has a rustic elegance that feels both comforting and refined. The stained wood hood vent with antiqued finish and backsplash with natural textures both tell a story of landscapes shaped by nature’s hand. Crisp white countertops and stainless steel appliances modernize the space, but the overall feel embraces simple pleasures and raw natural beauty.

5. Detailed Island Corbels

Mediterranean Style kitchen

This grand island is perfect for entertaining and cooking large meals. Multi-purpose islands are an essential in homes today, but what makes this one special is the corbels and columns, which are reminiscent of the past. Rich brown colours and mosaic tiles come together to create old world charm.

6. Black Cabinets with Copper Sink

Mediterranean Style kitchen

This copper farmhouse sink with stunning patina pops when placed next to rich black cabinets. The warm wood floors and beige walls bring a cozy charm to the space. Throughout the kitchen, ornate details add layers of character and charm. From intricately carved cabinet embellishments to delicate mosaic tile accents, each element tells a story of craftsmanship and heritage.

7. Rustic Stone Archway

Mediterranean Style kitchen

This design element creates visual richness and historical ambiance. Archways are reminiscent to cobblestone streets, a perfect addition to Mediterranean kitchen design. Embracing old-world materials and adding an archway like this one brings character to your kitchen.

8. Wood Beams and Warm Lighting

Mediterranean Style kitchen

This warm kitchen is stunning with wood exposed beams. Pub inspired pendant lights hang down from the vaulted ceiling over the kitchen island. This space has both rich colors and lots of natural light: the perfect combination! We absolutely love the timeless white cabinets paired with dark brown island.

9. Arched Pantry Shelves

Mediterranean Style kitchen

These shelves help define the pantry area in this Mediterranean kitchen design. As we have mentioned previously, arches add aesthetic appeal and character to a home. This visual interest is modernized in this design with the clean creamy paint color and simple floating shelves.

10. Patterned Tile Backsplash Feature

Mediterranean Style kitchen

Mosaic tiles and various patterned backsplashes are a keystone element in mediterranean kitchens. Organic natural looking tile is combined with a patterned focal point to create an old style charm in this kitchen. The blue cabinetry is an unexpected touch, but reminiscent of the coastal seas.

11. Hammered Copper Range Hood

Mediterranean Style kitchen

Metals are another common element in Mediterranean kitchens. This hammered copper range hood adds stunning texture and character to this white kitchen. Wrought iron, brass, and black finishes are also common in Mediterranean design.

12. Walnut Tradition Meets Modern Flair

Mediterranean Style kitchen

This walnut kitchen is a great example of modernizing wood cabinetry for a more timeless look. These cabinets with swirling grain pattern could easily be paired with a richer color palette, but paired with white walls and countertop brightens the whole room. Nevertheless the cabinets and flooring, Turkish style rug, and lots of stone in this kitchen give it that old-world flair.

13. Bright Mediterranean Kitchen

Mediterranean Style kitchen

If rich warm tones are not your style, you can implement Mediterranean kitchen elements in a lighter, brighter way. Light natural stone backsplash, white traditional cabinetry, and bright under cabinet lighting help create an airy feel. Metals in the hardware and pendant lights bring an old world charm and the darker island grounds the space. Who says a white kitchen can’t be inviting and warm?

14. Warm Tones and Natural Textures

Mediterranean Style kitchen

In a Mediterranean kitchen, warmth emanates from every corner, inviting you to indulge in comfort. These countertops create a sturdy foundation, including colors of warm beige and rich charcoal. Brown cabinetry draws the eye to the end of the kitchen, where a mosaic backsplash shines. Vases with an artisanal vibe add a pop of bright color for lively fun in this Mediterranean style kitchen.

15. Black Cabinetry and Ample Wine Storage

Mediterranean Style kitchen

This custom kitchen embraces traditional styles with modern shades of rich black and bright white. A harmonious blend of warmth, texture, and soulful simplicity. This space is perfect for enjoying a delicious meal with the perfect wine pairing.

16. Modern Rustic Meets Mediterranean

Mediterranean Style kitchen

Mediterranean kitchens often include rustic elements, which is already a popular style in North America. While this kitchen doesn’t scream Mediterranean, it could be styled that way with it’s already rustic appearance and versatile base of subway tile, custom hood vent, wood plank ceiling, and white countertops. Adding some ceramics, traditional furniture, and mixed metals could bring this modern rustic kitchen into Mediterranean style.

17. Mediterranean Sea Inspired Kitchen

Mediterranean Style kitchen

Another example of a bright Mediterranean style kitchen. Beautiful tiles shine throughout this space in ocean hues and marbled stone. White cabinets brighten the space further for an airy coastal look. A wood kitchen island with waterfall countertop adds depth and richness to this space without overwhelming the seaside vibe.

Ready for your dream Mediterranean kitchen?

Is a mediterranean style kitchen for you? If you are still struggling to design the kitchen of your dreams you may benefit from contacting a kitchen designer to assist you in:

  • Finding the right materials and finishes for your kitchen
  • Organizing cabinets in a functional layout
  • Creating a kitchen design that resonates with everyone in your family
  • Designing custom elements into your space for the perfect fit

Find a Decor Cabinets dealer near you for great customer service and a high quality kitchen!

Discover Your Dream Kitchen With Decor

Discover Your Dream Kitchen With Decor

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