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20 Blue-tiful Traditional Ideas for Blue Kitchen Cabinets

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Ready to explore the serenity of traditional blue kitchen cabinets?

Blue is a great colour for traditional style. It’s calm and grounding, which helps a house feel like home. Depending on the hue, you can create a light and airy space or a deep and luxurious room.

Blue is an unexpected choice in a time where neutrals reign king. At the same time, the colour blue still feels safe for the average North American homeowner. Combining blue cabinets with traditional style is an accessible and well loved kitchen trend that is as homey as it is fresh.

If you love the colour blue, try adding it to your kitchen. Here are 20 ideas for blue kitchens.

Blue and White Two Toned Kitchens

Two-toned kitchens are the perfect chance to add colour to your kitchen cabinets. Blue lower cabinets feel grounded when paired with traditional white uppers. This keeps the blue cabinets from been too overpowering. The room feels fresh and modern, with a traditional twist.

Classic Blue and White Cabinets

This two-tone white and blue kitchen feels both fresh and warm.

Traditional Colours with a Modern Flair

When you think dark blue cabinets and wood tones, traditional style comes to mind. Clean cabinet profiles, white upper cabinets and pops of colour give this room a modern look.

Two-Tone Blue Kitchen with Peninsula

These wood lower cabinets are stained a beautiful dusty blue.

Blue Accent Islands

If you aren’t ready to commit to an entire row of blue cabinetry, try a blue kitchen island. This pop of colour is fun and fresh.

Bright Blue Island

This dazzling kitchen has a fun bright blue island.

Traditional Blue Kitchen Island

This darker blue island fits beautifully with this traditional kitchen.

Blue Stained Wood Islands

Why have one island when you can have two! These blue islands are a blend of traditional style and function.

Dark Blue Island

This deep blue island adds depth and visual interest.

Green-Blue Cabinet Shades

You can find a shade of blue for every taste. With custom cabinetry, the options are endless. Here are some examples of blue-green shades we think are gorgeous. If you want to see more green kitchen cabinet ideas, you can check out this post.

Dark Green-Blue Cabinets

The warm wood beautifully compliments these green-blue cabinets.

A Light Green-Blue Kitchen

This traditional kitchen is stunning with light blue-green cabinetry.

Cozy and Dark Blue Cabinets

Darker shades of blue add richness and warmth to any room! In kitchens specifically, they are advantageous for hiding spills and sauce splatter.

Traditional Dark Blue Cabinets

Rich blue cabinetry gives this traditional kitchen an old world feel.

Rich Blue Coffee Bar

Blue is a great colour to highlight areas of function like this coffee bar.

Luxurious Blue Bar Area

Dark blue makes this custom bar area feel luxurious.

Choosing Dark Blue Instead of Black

There are many shades of navy blue cabinets that look almost black under certain light. Try blue cabinets instead of black for a softer look.

Bright and Light Shades of Blue Cabinets

Light blue cabinets in a traditional kitchen are simply darling, while bright blue is fun and full of personality.

Light Blue Kitchen Cabinets

This light blue kitchen is fresh and almost vintage inspired. While modern in feel, custom touches like a plate display rack lean traditional.

A Fun Bright Blue Kitchen

blue kitchen cabinets

While this kitchen is more modern than some of the others we have shown, it was a design we just had to include. Peep that custom built in to the right!

Bright Blue Butlers Pantry

This bright blue butlers pantry is actually in Decor Cabinets dealer showroom. A pantry is a fun surprise to house blue cabinets.

Blue Accent Cabinets

If you are looking for a colour to use as an accent in your kitchen, blue is a great choice! Use blue cabinets to highlight areas of function or to create visual interest.

Blue Accent Cabinets for Visual Interest

This kitchen has some beautiful custom cabinetry, including some intentionally placed navy base cabinets.

A Blue Accent Kitty Corner

This blue pet feeding area is a cute way to include our furry friends in kitchen design!

Blue Accent China Cabinet

This traditional blue china cabinet is a great way to add colour in the home.

Dark Blue Accent Cabinets

This custom built in looks stunning in navy blue!

Ready for a blue kitchen?

See some ideas you like? All the projects above were designed by one of Decor Cabinets kitchen designers or design partners. Find a Decor Cabinets dealer near you and start the journey to your dream kitchen!

Discover Your Dream Kitchen With Decor

Discover Your Dream Kitchen With Decor

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