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Here are 20 Kitchens with Stunning Full Height Kitchen Cabinets

wall of full height cabinets in kitchen

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What are full height kitchen cabinets?

Full height kitchen cabinets, often called tall cabinets, pantry cabinets, or utility cabinets, go from the floor to the ceiling in your home. This uses all the available vertical space and provides lots of storage for the kitchen. 

This look can also be achieved by stacking smaller cabinet units on top of one another or by adding integrated panels to appliances. 

Floor-to-ceiling cabinets create stunning vertical lines and are an impactful design statement. Here are 20 ideas for full height kitchen cabinets. 

A Wall of Full Height Cabinets

An entire wall of full height cabinets is not only functional, but is an impactful design statement. 

wall of full height cabinets in kitchen

Dusty Blue and White

We love the combination of dusty blue and white cabinetry along the right side of this traditional kitchen.

The tall cabinets in this space add elegance and draw the eye upward. White feature cabinets highlight the area of function in the middle.

wall of full height cabinets in kitchen

Large Full Height Cabinet Wall

This wall of cabinetry with slab-style door fronts is simply stunning. The large doors create clean lines, mirroring the appliances.

wall of full height cabinets in kitchen

Feature Wall of Full Height Cabinets

The contrast of the grey cabinetry highlights the kitchen triangle in this galley kitchen. Ultra functional and equally stylish!

wall of full height cabinets in kitchen

Dark Blue Cabinets with Slab Fronts

Much like a coat of paint can change the appearance of the room. A wall of cabinetry can do the same. These tall full height cabinets in striking dark green/teal make a statement!

wall of full height cabinets in kitchen

A Wall of Custom Storage

An entire wall of slab front cabinets adds ample storage and aligns with the mid-century style of the space.

Minimalistic cabinet hardware contributes to the space’s visual lines and doesn’t add weight to the wall of full-height cabinets.

wall of full height cabinets in kitchen

An Open Kitchen with Full Height Cabinets

This smaller kitchen really benefits from ceiling-height wall cabinets. It keeps the space open and fresh. The slab front doors are simple and balance the fun geometric statement backsplash.

Appliances with built in tall cabinets

Built-in and integrated appliances really elevate a kitchen. If you are going the custom route anyway, consider elevating your cabinetry to the ceiling. 

full height built in cabinets with built in appliances

Tall Cabinet Walk Through Door

A full height functional walk-through door next to the fridge matches the height of the refrigerator for a cohesive design.

wall of full height cabinets in kitchen

Built In Cabinetry Wall with Panel Ready Fridge

We love this entire wall of custom built-in white shaker cabinetry. The integrated fridge is cohesive with the rest of the design, keeping the kitchen light and bright.

full height built in cabinets with built in appliances

White Built in Fridge Wall

Stunning white cabinetry arches around the stainless steel fridge in this simple kitchen. It is an understated beauty with gorgeous custom cabinetry brought to the ceiling.

full height built in cabinets with built in appliances

Eating Area with Full Height Cabinets

This small dining area adjacent to the central kitchen is excellent for a coffee bar and tall pantry cabinets. When cabinetry is brought to the ceiling, it makes the room look taller and draws the eye upward, which is especially great for small spaces.

Stacked Units for Full Height Cabinets

In designing full height kitchen cabinets, there are many configurations to choose from: one large pantry cabinet from floor to ceiling, or many smaller cabinet units stacked on top of one another to create the full height look.

Here are some stacked cabinet ideas for you to choose from to achieve ceiling-height kitchen cabinets.

full height built in cabinets with built in appliances

Tall Cabinets Stacked on Drawers

Smaller drawers stacked under tall cabinets offer an extensive range of storage options. Custom inserts and pull-outs can be added for further customization.

stacked full height cabinets

Multiple Custom Cabinet Heights

Want a fully custom look? Different cabinet heights suited for your kitchen design create visual interest. This also allows for specialized function.

stacked full height cabinets

Mirroring Full Height Bar Cabinets

These stacked, symmetrical, tall cabinets create the perfect bar nook for this kitchen. Floating shelves in the middle are ideal for decorations and displaying your favorite bottle. 

stacked full height cabinets

Full Height Cabinet on Countertop

Stacking a cabinet on the countertop is the perfect place for hidden small appliances. Recessing the cabinet from the countertop’s edge keeps the space open and bright.

stacked full height cabinets

Simple Blue Tall Pantry Cabinet

We love the tall stacked cabinets along the right wall of this kitchen. While the teal cabinet’s flat front is simple, this color packs quite the personality. This transitional kitchen beautifully blends themes of old and new.

stacked full height cabinets

Stacked Wood Feature Cabinets

Stacking many smaller cabinet units on top of each other creates interesting visual lines and beautifully integrates the appliances into the larger wood unit.

stacked full height cabinets

Full Height Cabinet for Baking

As mentioned above, cabinetry on the countertop creates a lovely nook for small appliances. This baking cupboard is the perfect hideaway for the mixer. 

full height cabinets with slab doors

Contemporary Corner Cabinetry

Large floor-to-ceiling cabinets are a great place to implement other textures and finishes. These horizontal grain contemporary cabinets add mid-century modern flair to this kitchen.

stacked full height cabinets

Tall Stacked Shaker Cabinets

A popular layout for stacked full height cabinetry is a smaller cabinet on top of a tall pantry cabinet. The small cabinet on top is a great place for dainty hardware and storing lesser-used items. 

Choosing Full Height Cabinets For Your Kitchen Reno

Did you love these full height cabinet ideas?

All the homes featured in this post were designed by experienced Decor Cabinets kitchen designers. If you want some help creating your dream kitchen you can find a reputable design centre near you!

Discover Your Dream Kitchen With Decor

Discover Your Dream Kitchen With Decor

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