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5 Ways to Add Beautiful Shaker Style Cabinets to a Transitional Kitchen

solid wood shaker style kitchen cabients

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Shaker style cabinets are here to stay! This cabinet style with minimal detail and clean lines is that perfect cabinet in between traditional and contemporary. Say hello transitional style. Shaker cabinets are loved by many since they feel classic, but in a reimagined way. This versatile cabinet style is a current staple in home design and a timeless addition to your home. In this article we share 5 ways to style shaker cabinets in your dream kitchen:

  • Mix White Shaker and Flat Panel Cabinet Doors
  • Slim White Shaker Cabinets with Gold Hardware
  • Modern Shaker Cabinets with Black Details
  • Gray Shaker Cabinets for a Cozy Transitional Kitchen
  • Shaker Style Cabinet Doors with Pops of Colour

First of all, what is a shaker cabinet?

That makes shaker style doors? Shaker cabinets are made of two rails, two stiles, and a recessed center panel. The rails and stiles has clean, crisp edges, are simple and square, and without embellishment. The thickness of the rails and stiles can vary, which changes the appearance of the center panel.


The simple construction and high quality materials create a beautiful cabinet that many homeowners love. This is a timeless style that is well suited for transitional kitchens. You can view shaker cabinet styles from Decor Cabinets here.

Ready for some design inspiration? Let’s jump into some design ideas for shaker style cabinets!


1. Mix White Shaker and Flat Panel Cabinet Doors

This modern leaning transitional design incorporates white shaker cabinets and flat panel doors together for a clean, cohesive look. Mixing and matching the door styles maximizes storage space in an understated way. The white shaker cabinets pair well with black metal hardware, light fixtures, and kitchen island. In this bright and modern space, the flat panel doors keep the design from feeling too overwhelming. A perfect pairing!


2. Slim White Shaker Cabinets with Gold Hardware

Slim white shaker cabinets appear to have a larger recessed panel because the rails and stiles of the door front are very thin. This style adds more visual impact when compared to flat panel doors, but less than the traditional shaker cabinets we more commonly see with thicker rails and stiles. In this kitchen, the slim shaker style cabinets are a dainty choice and when paired with gold accents and a farmhouse sink, create a timeless transitional kitchen.


3. Modern Shaker Cabinets with Black Details

This modern transitional kitchen has the “typical” shaker cabinets we all know and love. The straight lines of the white shaker cabinets and black contrasting details give the space a modern look, despite there being many “traditional style” elements in this kitchen: crown moldings, ceiling beams, X details, and rustic wood flooring.


4. Gray Shaker Cabinets for a Cozy Transitional Kitchen

If bright white kitchens are not for you, try cozy warm grey cabinetry. These dark shaker cabinets give the room a homey touch, while crisp shaker doors bring a modern edge. Shaker cabinets were the perfect solution for this transitional kitchen to give the space a warm, but modern feel.

solid wood shaker style kitchen cabients

5. Shaker Style Cabinet Doors with Pops of Colour

Stained solid wood shaker style cabinets are a charming yet modern way to implement wood cabinetry. The visible grain pattern adds character to the kitchen, complementing the modern shapes and finishes.

Shaker style kitchen cabinets can be stained or painted a variety of colours. In this kitchen the blue island complements the light grey cabinets and light wood floors beautifully. This kitchen is a great example of a transitional space, marrying contemporary simplicity with the warmth of traditional styles.

Are Shaker kitchen Cabinets For You?

Shaker cabinet doors are a timeless, transitional style cabinet that will easily stay relevant for years to come. Whether your personal style leans more modern, or traditional, shaker cabinets can meet you there for a fresh transitional look. If you are ready to implement this popular style into your home, but need some help getting there, we can help you find a talented and trusted designer. Locate a Design Centre near you!

Discover Your Dream Kitchen With Decor

Discover Your Dream Kitchen With Decor

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