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Kitchen Cabinets with Glass Doors: Mullion, Frosted & More

glass front cabinets

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Glass front cabinets are a practical storage solution and eye-catching showcase for your most cherished dishware or decor. Rooted in tradition, glass cabinets are a timeless addition to your kitchen. You can stick to a historical vibe with mullion doors or opt for a modern look with sleek clear glass. There are many beautiful custom options for glass cabinet doors.

Types of glass cabinet doors:

  • Clear Glass Cabinet Doors

  • Frosted Glass Doors

  • Aluminum Frame Glass Doors

  • Mullion Cabinet Doors

  • Textured Glass Doors

Kitchens with Glass Cabinet Doors

Each type of glass door offers its own distinct advantages and design style, allowing homeowners to customize their kitchen cabinets to reflect their individual preferences.

glass front cabinets

Clear Glass Cabinet Doors

Clear glass doors are simple and timeless. These cabinets with glass inserts are a great transitional option that appeal to a wide audience. It feels classic, yet updated, and works with a variety of kitchen designs.

clear glass cabinet doors

Glass Cabinet Doors with Interior Lighting

Adding integrated puck lights inside the cabinets highlights the interior and brightens the room. Without any frosting or texture, the light easily streams through for the most transparent, illuminated appearance.

glass cabinet doors

Small Glass Accent Cabinets

Stacking smaller cabinet units on top of the larger upper cabinets is a popular way to take advantage of the full ceiling height in your kitchen. This is a fun spot to display your most treasured items.

glass cabinet doors

Glass inserts can also be added to one larger upper cabinet unit to create this feature!

glass cabinet doors

Glass Mullion Cabinet Doors

Cabinets with mullions are a classy traditional style of glass front doors. These mullions create a grid-like pattern, allowing homeowners to display their dishware in a decorative way. With traditional style the more is merrier, and mullions add an extra layer of ornamentation to the space.

glass cabinet doors

Curved Mullion Cabinet Fronts

There are many styles of mullions: angled, grid, and curved. These curved mullions combined with textured glass are glitzy and feminine.

glass cabinet doors

Textured Glass Fronts

Textured glass fronts sparkle in the light and create more visual interest in the space. These simple glass front cabinets look dazzling in this farmhouse kitchen. Keeping the cabinet interior black adds depth to the design (as opposed to using a light cabinet interior as exampled with the blue cabinetry previously featured in this article).

glass cabinet doors

Aluminum Frame Cabinets with Custom Glass

These aluminum framed cabinet doors are quite unique, with custom glass inserts. The mixed metals in this design are a trend of 2024, and we love how the glass cabinet doors work in this design as a focal point, framing the custom hood vent.

glass cabinet doors

Frosted Glass Cabinet Fronts

Frosted glass has a dreamy appearance. It’s softer than clear glass and it’s translucent property shields the items inside. In this design the frosted glass allows the wood shelves inside to show, but distorts the items inside enough to be functional for everyday items (not just those for decoration)!

Discover Your Dream Kitchen With Decor

Discover Your Dream Kitchen With Decor

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