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Puck vs Strip Under Cabinet Lighting (Everything you need to know)

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Layered lighting is important for creating a luxurious feeling in your kitchen. Under cabinet lighting not only contributes to creating this ambiance, it can highlight decor items or brighten a workspace. There are two main types of under cabinet lighting: puck and strip lights. But how do you know which to choose for your cabinetry? Decor Cabinets will give you everything you need to know.

Warm strip lights illuminate this custom kitchen.

Which is better, puck or strip under cabinet lighting?

Overall, if you could only choose one, we recommend strip lighting as your choice for under cabinet lighting. Strip lights have a more constant stream of light and wider spread than puck lights, which have a focused beam. Puck and strip lights are often combined in a kitchen design, since they are better suited for different purposes.

As a rule:

  • Puck cabinet lighting is best for highlighting areas of focus. Eg. For decor items on a floating shelf or china in a glass cabinet.
  • Strip cabinet lighting is best for highlighting an entire area, or under cabinet task lighting. Eg. Illuminating your countertops or highlighting along the toe kick.

Strip lighting is placed throughout this kitchen to add a subtle warm glow to the cabinetry.

They both have their place in a kitchen, but if you had to choose one, strip lighting is more versatile.

Is under-cabinet lighting still popular?

YES! Lighting can add “wow factor” to a kitchen, plus function. Lighting can elevate even the most basic kitchens and gives the design a custom look.

What is the best temperature for under-cabinet lighting?

The best temperature for under cabinet lighting is 3000k (warm white) – 4000k (cool white).

Under Cabinet Puck Lights

Puck lights are circle in shape and have a round mounting ring. Their direct beam of light is perfect for highlighting specific areas of focus, like shelves. This lighting works well for both traditional and contemporary spaces, but leans more traditional.

Shelves with puck lights illuminate whatever is sitting inside.

This kitchen features puck lighting under floating shelves, cabinetry, and under the range hood.

Under Cabinet Strip Lights

Strip lighting is a tape of small lights that when on, look like one long light. This lighting style works really well in contemporary spaces with clean lines of cabinetry. Strip lights work well to highlight an entire length of cabinetry or under shelves. Strip lighting is quite versatile since it can be cut to varying lengths and provides a good amount of light for both accent and task lighting.

Discrete under cabinet strip lights give dishware sheen and sparkle.

This contemporary kitchen has long lengths of strip lighting to highlight open shelving.

Custom Under Cabinet Lighting from Decor Cabinets

Our lighting is easy to use and install, with the majority using a plug & play system. We support kitchen designers and installers to ensure they have all the right parts and pieces. It’s as beautiful as our custom cabinets.

We have two different types: strip (with and without valance) & puck (round or square), two temperatures (warm and cool), and two colours (black and silver).

Strip lighting highlights the entire length of the floating shelves.

We offer a variety of different types of energy efficient LED cabinet lighting:

  • under cabinet (puck or strip)
  • floating shelf (puck or strip)
  • in cabinet (top puck or strip, interior sides strip)
  • toe-kick
  • switches, dimming by touch or by wave
  • sensors when the door is opened, or motion sensors

Everything is routed or built in, which keeps the focus on the cabinetry and items displayed (and not the lights themselves). Under cabinet lighting is an accent, subdued or hidden from view.

Ready for a well-lit custom kitchen?

Find the kitchen designer nearest you with our easy to use locator map. Turn your ideas into a stunning custom kitchen design (including beautiful undermount lighting) with the help of a professional.

Discover Your Dream Kitchen With Decor

Discover Your Dream Kitchen With Decor

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