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How to Style Beautiful Yellow Kitchen Cabinets

yellow kitchen cabinets

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How to style a yellow kitchen

Yellow kitchen cabinets create a vibrant, welcoming space. The color yellow exudes warmth and positivity, making it an ideal choice for the heart of your home. 

From soft pastel hues to bright yellow, these cabinets can be styled in various ways: vintage kitchens, cottage or farmhouse-style interiors, and contemporary spaces.

Paired with the right accents and finishes, yellow cabinets can bring a refreshing and cheerful ambiance to your kitchen, creating a lively atmosphere that inspires creativity and joy.

If you need ideas for yellow cabinets, keep reading!

yellow kitchen cabinets

Here are some paint colors from Decor Cabinets’ standard line. Custom colors can be made to match almost any shade of yellow paint!

Style Ideas for Yellow Kitchen Cabinets

Yellow can be an intimidating color to add to your kitchen. Fear not; we have put together some beautiful ideas from Pinterest to show you that yellow cabinets are nothing to fear.

Fall in love with yellow cabinets with these bright and happy style ideas!

yellow kitchen cabinets

Contemporary in Yellow Cabinets

Bright yellow cabinets with flat-panel cabinet fronts are a fun burst of contemporary color in this kitchen. Light finishes and adjacent cabinetry create a bright space ready for entertainment.

yellow kitchen cabinets

Cheerful and Eclectic Yellow Kitchen Cabinets

We love yellow in this eclectic kitchen. Open shelves create a spacious area for displaying all the treasures of your heart. We love the integrated handles on the cabinetry for ultra-modern accessibility.

yellow kitchen cabinets

Cozy Yellow Cottage Kitchen

Yellow is the perfect shade for a pleasant cottage kitchen. This cozy space feels cheerful with yellow cabinets and a beautiful skylight. 

yellow kitchen cabinets

Transitional Yellow Kitchen Cabinets

This homey kitchen is transitional, with traditional and contemporary elements coming together for a stylish design. The bright pop of yellow on the lower cabinets is an approachable way to incorporate yellow in kitchen cabinetry.

yellow kitchen cabinets

Dusty Yellow Farmhouse Kitchen

The dusty mustard shade creates visual warmth in this farmhouse-inspired kitchen. If bright yellow is not for you, try a muted shade or earthy tones that lean more towards brown.

yellow kitchen cabinets

Organic Yellow Lower Cabinets

Again, yellow lower cabinets are a great way to add yellow to a kitchen. We love the cream walls and stunning stone backsplash. Rich wood tones continue the warmth and organic feel throughout the space.

yellow kitchen cabinets

Traditional Yellow Kitchen Cabinets

This cooking space is full of tradition: a wood island, dishware on display, and a farmhouse sink. Yellow cabinetry with an ornate door style and exposed hardware is a well-loved vintage design.

yellow kitchen cabinets

Scandi Inspired Yellow Kitchen Cabinets

This minimalist and organic design peacefully incorporates yellow. The light wood tones and organic textures bring a sense of calm to this kitchen.

yellow kitchen cabinets

Bright Tradition with Yellow Cabinets

We love how tradition and color are brought together in this yellow kitchen. A statement tile backsplash and bright cabinetry are visually interesting and fun.

FAQs for Yellow Kitchen Cabinets

Here are our answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about yellow cabinets. 

What color goes with yellow kitchen cabinets?

Yellow is the star of the show, so neutrals like white, cream, and grey work well with yellow cabinets. 

Is a yellow kitchen a good idea?

This depends on whether you want to sell your home soon or if this is your forever home. Yellow is a bold choice that will not appeal to everyone the same way a classic white kitchen will. If you have always dreamed of a sunny yellow kitchen, and you plan to stay awhile, go for it. Life is too short to not follow your dreams!

yellow kitchen cabinets

This yellow kitchenette is cheerful and fun. Maple wood cabinetry is painted with a custom color match for that pretty mustard yellow.

Should I paint my cabinets yellow?

If you are considering painting existing cabinets, you should choose the color you will want for a long time. DIY renovations are a lot of work: sanding, priming, painting. So choose something you will love for a long time!

What backsplash goes with yellow cabinets?

Yellow is a warm color on the color wheel, so white is a classic choice for a backsplash. Tile or stone with a cool undertone can look stunning when contrasted against yellow. Blue, grey, and marble look striking beside yellow cabinets.

Discover Your Dream Kitchen With Decor

Discover Your Dream Kitchen With Decor

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