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How to Create the Cottage Kitchen of Your Dreams with 16 Ideas

cottage kitchen

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Are you ever scrolling through Pinterest, dreaming of that perfect kitchen style, but are unsure of where to start? We have the ultimate guide to help you find your design style and even whipped up a fun quiz to uncover your perfect kitchen

Love Cottage Kitchens?

Do you dream of a cozy, welcoming space that feels traditional, warm, and full of charm? A cottage kitchen may just meet you there. Keep reading to learn what to include in your cottage kitchen with 16 design ideas to get you embracing “cottagecore”.

What is a cottage kitchen?

While cottage kitchens have existed long before the internet, the “cottagecore” trend in fashion and home design became most recently popularized by social media and online blogs. The “cottagecore” or cottage kitchen style idealizes countryside living (specifically European rural life) while embracing feminine, rustic, and traditional elements.

cottage kitchen

Creating the Cottagecore Lifestyle Aesthetic...

Put on your most frilly, feminine dress and prepare for sourdough bread making and cooking from scratch! While this is a romanticized idea of rural cottage living, cottage kitchens do reflect a lifestyle of home cooking, homesteading, and intimate gathering.

Lots of extra prep space is included for cooking and baking. Open shelving displays thrifted finds and jars of bulk goods. Fresh cut flowers adorn the antiqued wood table. This kitchen style appeals to those who love slow living and filling their home with handmade love. A perfect blend of utility and charm.

What to Include In a Cottage Kitchen

Cottage kitchen cabinets are usually a traditional 5-piece door style. They can be stained wood or painted HDF. Small details in the door profile add charm and tradition, while a dark glaze or false aging effect creates that rustic appearance. Popular cottage kitchen cabinet colors include mid-tone to dark wood stain, bluegreen, yellow, and white (and combinations thereof). 

A cottage kitchen can include some of the following features:

  • Rustic wood floors

  • Mullion doors and windows

  • Farmhouse sink

  • Traditional fixtures and hardware

  • Finishes with patina

  • Nature inspired colour palette

  • Delicate moldings or board and batten

  • Open shelving or china cabinet

  • Dainty patterns in curtains or wallpaper

  • Thrifted, vintage, or antiqued items

  • Fresh florals or herbs

  • Wood furniture

  • Open shelves in place of upper cabinets

16 Cottage Kitchen Ideas to Inspire You

Now that you know what to look out for to create the perfect cottage kitchen you can start gathering inspiration for your home! Our talented designers have created some cozy spaces that fit perfectly into the cottage kitchen aesthetic. Here are 16 ideas for your kitchen inspiration!

cottage kitchen

Modern Traditional Cottage Kitchen

Mullion windows highlighted by gold sconces create an enchanting feel as you enter this kitchen. Classic white cabinetry and wood floating shelves balance modern style with classic flair.

cottage kitchen

Cozy Cream Kitchen

Beautiful creamy white traditional cabinetry is balanced with rustic elements like iron light fixtures, a warm wood island, and a light tile backsplash with stone like variation. Take a peek at the ceiling detail – simply gorgeous!

cottage kitchen

Rustic Green Cabinets

Nothing say cottage style like weathered green cabinets. These antiqued looking island cabinets are beautifully balanced with bright white custom cabinetry. The custom hood vent is an eye catching traditional piece and an ongoing trend in kitchen design.

cottage kitchen

Modern Slim Shaker Meets Color

Slim shaker cabinets are very popular and are a growing trend in kitchen design for their easy to clean surface and simple style. The bright light blue-green finish brings a feminine feel to this kitchen. A dainty backsplash and bright white countertops brighten the space.

cottage kitchen

Luxurious Blue Cottage Kitchen

This color palette is both calming and cozy. Gold accents and rich stone finishes bring a luxurious vibe to this traditional kitchen. The space feels both modern and reminiscent of older eras, with lots of prep workspace and storage.

cottage kitchen

Bright and Warm Traditional

There is ample sunshine in this kitchen/dining room! Honey coloured wood flooring and window trim create a welcoming atmosphere. A rich black island grounds the space and matching black antique style chairs create modern contrast.

cottage kitchen

Classic White and Brick

If you like bright and airy spaces but have some exposed brick in your home, try white cabinetry with red or brown brick. Leaving the exposed brick brings texture and older feel to the space and is a key component to making this kitchen feel homey – like a stone cottage. You can also add faux brick if you want that old home feel!

cottage kitchen

Earthy Green Cottage Kitchen

Charming windows and mossy green cabinets feel very cottage-y in this home. Rustic stools and knotty wood floors are comforting and country. With lots of cupboards for practical living, this kitchen makes you want gather.

cottage kitchen

Cozy Dark Wood Cabinetry

We love a rich dark stain on wood cabinetry. These ultra traditional cabinets with integrated fridge panel create a homey nook for food storage. Glass cabinets can display a variety of dishware and goods. A small ledge is perfect for displaying trinkets or frequently used spices.

cottage kitchen

Dreamy Blue with Traditional Warmth

These dreamy blue cabinets create a vintage feel in this cozy kitchen. Romantic candle inspired light fixtures provide historical charm. This intimate dining area makes you want to stay awhile and enjoy a home cooked cottage style dinner.

cottage kitchen

Modern Utility and Simplicity

This simple white kitchen has a farmhouse feel with a rich black sink against bright white cabinetry. Cup pulls and dainty knobs are a classic hardware choice to adorn the door fronts. Various pots and pans are within arms reach for a useful and decorative touch to the wood framed window.

cottage kitchen

Classic Pantry with Aged Doors

This kitchen pantry is a little bit farmhouse, a little bit tradition. The rustic style doors reveal a classy white european farmhouse pantry with beautiful open shelves to display the prized dishes.

cottage kitchen

Cream and White Cottage Kitchen

This stunning cottage kitchen does not lack detail. The walls are painted a beautiful taupe with floor to ceiling board and batten. Traditional white cabinetry surrounds a stunning gas range. This english style farmhouse embraces that idyllic “cottagecore” aesthetic.

cottage kitchen

Warm Tradition with Blue Island

Wood cabinetry, iron accents, and a beautiful arched window gives this intimate kitchen a cottage feel. The bright blue island is a fun pop of color and brings a modern eclectic feel to this traditional space.

cottage kitchen

Embracing Charming Patterns

Of all the cottage kitchen ideas this one embraces the most patten. A simple damask on the walls, and a stripe on the chair upholstery gives this kitchen a vintage feel. The farmhouse sink and traditional hardware create that rural old world feel.

cottage kitchen

Vintage Style Cottage Kitchen

This kitchen embraces many vintage finds, exposed hardware on the cabinets, a dazzling chandelier, wood paneling, and mullion cabinet doors. This kitchen is a bit eclectic, which is not uncommon in cottage style kitchens.

Need more cottage kitchen ideas?

If you want more cottage kitchen ideas specific to your home, reach out to an experienced kitchen designer. They can give you exactly what you’re looking for and help you explore what your dream kitchen can be. Find a Decor Cabinets kitchen designer at a design centre near you!

Discover Your Dream Kitchen With Decor

Discover Your Dream Kitchen With Decor

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