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How to Find Your Perfect Countertop Height

countertop height

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Why find the right countertop height?

Homeowners often think about the layout of their kitchen, their personal design style, and preferred storage solutions. If you are personalizing the kitchen to this degree, why not also personalize the countertop height? Having the right countertop height is better for your body long term and is more convenient than an ill-fitted work surface.

When planning your forever kitchen, you may want to confirm: 

  • Is the standard countertop height well suited for you? 
  • Do you want different countertop heights for specific task areas? 
  • What is the most ergonomic countertop height for you? 
White countertop

The average countertop height is 36” from the floor. 

This standard works for most people (that is why we use that measurement as default). The “average height” of men and women in Canada is 5’4” for women and 5’9” for men. If you fall within that height range the industry standard should be fine to perform most kitchen tasks. 

How to find the perfect countertop height for you?

At Decor cabinets we have a specialized tool to walk customers through finding their optimal countertop height, depending on what tasks will be primarily used in the space. A custom kitchen is made for you, so let’s get started finding your perfect countertop height.  

Measuring Countertop Height with Decor Cabinets 

  • Stand at the table, and you put your elbow in the black guide.
  • Adjust the table until the arm comes to 90 degrees and the shoulders look even. 
  • Reference the countertop height chart for your perfect measurement! 

Measuring Countertop Height at Home 

  • Measure your height in cm. 
  • Input your height into the following equation. 
  • Your height/2 + 5 cm = Counter height. 

Countertop height

Struggling with back pain and hunching? 

Have you ever had back pain from hunching after a day of meal prep or following a long stint of doing dishes? The wrong countertop height can have you hunched over or misaligned. Finding the perfect countertop height is crucial for ensuring comfort and functionality in your kitchen.  

A common rule of thumb is to position the countertop so that it allows for comfortable and natural movement while standing or working. A height that allows your elbows to be bent at a 90-degree angle when standing upright is often recommended for optimal comfort and efficiency. 

This can be a different height depending on the task that is being performed. Rolling out dough will require a different height than chopping or stirring. Think about what you do in your kitchen: 

  • Are you an avid baker?  
  • Do you prepare simple or complex meals?  
  • Do you want a home management center in your kitchen? 
  • Do you need seating in your kitchen?

Having a well-suited countertop for your height can affect your body positively in the long term. 

Perfect countertop height

How to design a kitchen with unique or differing countertop heights 

There are a few ways to integrate multiple countertop heights into one kitchen. Kitchen design is all about marrying form and function.  

An island is a great place to choose a different countertop height

Raising an island for seating is a common choice. A baker’s island is another great option for those who do lots of rolling and kneading. While it’s not as common as it once was, a multi-tiered island is another option to specialize function. 

Tasking areas are important for comfort

You can also raise/lower different banks of cabinetry depending on the task performed. Many people hunch over the sink but stand taller when stirring at the stove. If these areas are on separate walls like in a galley style kitchen or L-Shaped layout it is easy to implement different countertop heights in these areas. 

Lastly, you can simply raise or lower all the cabinetry in your home for a cohesive and functional kitchen made just for you. 

Why get the help of a kitchen designer?

Kitchen designers know design tips and tricks that you wouldn’t necessarily think of on your own. For example when designing a kitchen with multiple countertop heights, make sure your appliances can still fit cohesively with your cabinetry. If you want a space that is polished and pretty, find a designer near you and have your kitchen plans come to life!

Discover Your Dream Kitchen With Decor

Discover Your Dream Kitchen With Decor

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