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11 Things to Consider to Make Your Custom Lighting Choice Easy

Custom lighting fixtures that highlight detail

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Not enough light can give off a gloomy mood, and we all know it. So, it’s safe to say that bright custom lighting makes all the difference for any room in the house.

The kitchen is unique though, it doesn’t just have lights in the center and that’s it. There are many places you can put your lights and many types of lights that can really illuminate the space!

Keep reading to find out what you need to think about when adding or replacing lighting in your kitchen.

1. You Need Just the Right Amount of Light

With too many lights, the space becomes garishly lit; with too few, you strain your eyes to see anything. Making the right choice for the space is essential because colour temperature, type, shades, and placement will also affect the atmosphere.

And because the kitchen is the heart of the home, it’s the most important to illuminate.

2. Custom Lighting Options

Depending on what you are looking for, puck and strip light fixtures will cover most of it. Though, other options include wall sconces, handmade custom light fixtures, chandeliers, and many others.

Both puck and strip light options can be used for either augmenting the overall ambiance or for focused task lighting.

3. Task Custom Lighting

So, what’s task lighting? Well, it directs the light for the job at hand or brings focus toward a specific ornament or decoration. Kind of like a spotlight for your workspace.

Perfect for a Focused Source

Now, puck lighting is usually underneath the wall-mounted cabinets and is perfect for a focused source. On top of that, they’re also perfect for accentuating any open shelf or nook.

If you’ve ever seen a trophy displayed on a shelf under a light, that’s what they look like when they’re in use.

Add Extra Flair

Usually, these small areas are great for adding an extra flair to design. Especially if you have your grandmother’s old China set to display.

You can install a dimmer switch to raise and lower the brightness, depending on your mood.

4. Accent Custom Lighting

The main light fixtures typically hang over the island yet cast shadows in the room’s corners, particularly under the wall-mounted cabinets. Use this to play with the overall mood and ambiance in your space.

You could use huge pendant lights with you choose to go with a rustic or country style home. They really add to the design and are a staple in those design styles.

Should I Use the Puck Light?

The puck light can be used for accent lighting as well, but it’s better suited for specific task-oriented locations. On the other hand, self-adhesive strip light is oriented towards illuminating a broader surface area.

Where more than one puck light would be used underneath a wall cabinet, one strip light can cover everything from end to end.

Strip Light Capability

Due to the thinness and adjustability in length, the strip lights are typically able to be installed and used in particular areas, such as vertically within a medium-height or tall cabinet, as a drawer light, a toe kick light to illuminate the floor, and the countertops.

Now, let’s look at the customizability.

5. Customizability of Custom Lighting

Within all of Decor’s styles, designs, and customizations, all of our custom lighting is integrated into the dowel-type construction of the cabinet box.

Having it all recessed within the panels hides any unnecessary equipment for the product’s lifetime.

If you want to know what’s possible, feel free to get in touch with one of Decor’s dealers near you and they’ll be happy to tell you all about that.

Now, Let’s talk about hardware…

6. Custom Lighting Hardware

It's All Tucked Away

Hardware, such as the distributors and transformers, is all tucked away and hidden from view as best as possible. This placement also depends on the kitchen’s layout and the types of cabinets used.

Where is it Hidden?

These places are most likely on top of the wall-mounted or tall cabinets, and behind the inset back wall of the cabinet, and sometimes even underneath the countertops within the cabinet box.

No matter which custom lighting you choose or where you place them, a warm or cool colour temperature can be chosen with a dimmer switch.

Make it Comfortable

The kitchen is the most used space in the house, so ensuring it is well-lit is vital. Even though picking the right type of light can be a straightforward decision, it will make any kitchen look great.

7. Strip vs. Puck Lighting

The options for accent and task lighting have more options than ever. To showcase the various features of the kitchen, consider bringing in various custom lighting styles.

Showcasing custom strip light fixture

Strip Light Fixtures

Decor offers recessed strip lighting that can be placed virtually anywhere in and on any cabinet. The strip lighting is the best option for accent lighting. They can be typically found underneath the wall-mounted cabinetry.

If you need help figuring out what’s best for your kitchen, feel free to get in touch with one of Decor’s dealers near you for a stress-free experience.

Custom Lighting in Different Areas

Since the strip light is only 3 mm thin, they’re also used for drawer lighting, installed vertically within the medium or tall cabinets, under the base cabinets to brighten up the floors; or anywhere you want it.

Puck Light Fixtures

Our puck lighting options are in a square or round shape and silver or black; they will blend into any design, custom or not. Able to be used to accentuate, puck lighting is more readily available as a task light.

Choose Any Custom Lighting You Want

Any combination can be chosen to accommodate any style and layout of kitchens. Depending on the kitchen’s colour palette, a warm or cool lighting temperature can be chosen.

8. Toe Kick Lighting

Toe kick lighting is unique and uncommon but upgrades your kitchen from average to adding a little luxury.

Custom toe kick lighting

9. Custom Cabinet Light Fixtures

Having custom cabinet light fixtures inside your cabinet gives a clean, modern feel, ideal for modern interior designs, or great if you have glass in your cabinets. These fixtures can be installed in multiple sizes and areas and work in most wall cabinets. They look especially great in pantries as well.

10. Chandeliers

Want to add a modern touch to your home? Hang chandeliers from the ceiling. Not only does it catch the eye, but a pendant chandelier also offers versatility. A Pendant chandelier comes in a huge variety of styles and finishes.

11. Glass Pendant Lights

Most customized pendants offer 360 degrees of elegance! Glass pendants effortlessly blend with existing decor and fixtures thanks to their transparent glass or acrylic shades combined with metallic hardware.

Boasting pendant lighting in log house kitchen

Final Thoughts

If you decide to self-design your kitchen lighting, don’t install them yourself. Make sure you get your local electrician to install them for you and an inspector to check everything to make sure it’s up to code.

If you want it all done for you and skip the hassle, then you can get in contact with a Decor dealer near you and they’ll be happy to make the process painless for you.

Discover Your Dream Kitchen With Decor

Discover Your Dream Kitchen With Decor

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