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9 Amazing Kitchen Design Ideas Using Maple Cabinets for a Fresh Look

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Maple Cabinets Don't have to look outdated

Maple cabinets are no longer as popular as they used to be and many homeowners see them as outdated. However, maple wood cabinets can make use of some creative ideas to look more attractive than ever.

There’s a good reason why maple is still a highly preferred choice for kitchen cabinets. Maple is super durable for the cost and is compatible with multiple stains. You can choose a traditional look to highlight the natural wood or go with something more contemporary. (Keep reading for examples of each)!

Maple kitchen cabinets are versatile enough to be used in almost any style of kitchen design. However, after a few years, they may need a refreshing finish or clear coat.

Now, before hopping into the design ideas, there’s a question that keeps popping up all over the internet, which is “Is maple wood good for kitchens?” Read on to find out.

Maple kitchen

Is Maple Wood Good for Kitchens?

Maple wood is well known for its amazing durability, fine texture, and smooth uniform grain. This allows it to accept most stains and finishes with ease. Speaking of durability…

Here’s a fun fact: Maple is one of the strongest and most durable natural wood options available. It’s an even slightly stronger hardwood than oak.

Also, maple will withstand changes in temperatures and humidity making it even less susceptible to warping or cracking like many other types of wood. Check out our article about understanding moisture content in wood to help you better understand the effects of humidity on wood.

So, now you know what makes maple the natural kitchen cabinet choice in terms of durability!

That being said, let’s get into some design ideas that you could use for your kitchen renovation or remodel.

Natural-looking maple cabinets

1. Traditional Finish on Maple Cabinets

Traditional kitchens mostly use natural-looking wood, soft lighting, and warm colours like terracotta (which looks like a deep burnt orange with a touch of brown) and cream, which maple does a perfect job of showcasing.

This helps create a cozy and comfortable space for all visitors as well as the ones cooking. When maple is used in a traditional kitchen, it not only gives that cozy feel but also projects the sturdiness of traditional maple wood.

Traditional design maple cabinets

2. Shaker-Style Maple Cabinets

Shaker cabinets are simple, giving them a timeless design that can transition through the decades. They’re geared towards practicality and convenience above all else.

That being said, maple cabinets are a solid choice for shaker cabinets in modern kitchens, especially with a darker stain or a rich espresso finish, leaving behind an elegant warm aura!

Shaker maple cabinets

3. Gray Maple Cabinets with Character

Another stylish option is to opt for gray cabinets. A fresh coat of paint will upgrade your kitchen to look more modern. And it’s safe to say that gray adds sophistication to the space.

Grey maple cabinets

With gray, you can make your cabinets look stylish without too much effort! To get the best effect out of your kitchen, make sure your countertops, hardware, and flooring contrast the gray cabinets with lighter-toned colours.

You could also have all your cabinets one colour and your kitchen island or upper cabinets another. A sleek light gray or white tile backsplash will complement the gray design as well.

Next, we’ll look at the Tuscan-style kitchen using maple cabinets.

Grey maple cabinets

4. Tuscan-Style Maple Cabinets

The Tuscan style is all about an earthy colour palette, farmhouse tables, and cast-iron fixtures. They feature many rustic elements with a little bit of traditional and farmhouse mixed in.

Many Tuscan designs include elements from rustic and farmhouse designs and feature stainless steel appliances, wood beams, an apron front sink, and five-piece doors for cabinetry.

Both Painted and stained maple cabinets are perfect for Tuscan-style kitchens. They perfectly complement the colour palette and architectural details. With the help of large windows, the kitchen takes advantage of extra natural light to enhance the beauty of the cabinets.

The next design idea is great for modern, farmhouse, or even contemporary kitchens.

Tuscan-style maple cabinets

5. Maple Cabinets That Are White and Minimalistic

Modern kitchen design is often broadly categorized as any style that’s less traditional and more contemporary—but, has specific roots in terms of its time, style, and inspirations.

A maple kitchen can be turned into a modern kitchen simply with a coat of paint. You can’t go wrong with painting them in a crisp white shade. Add some stainless steel appliances and hardware to that, combined with contrasting countertops, and you’ve got yourself a super stylish modern kitchen.

Modern kitchens typically consist of open spaces, minimalist features, and simple colour palettes, so painting your cabinets white is a no-brainer.

Modern maple kitchen

6. Maple Cabinets With a Taste of Rustic

If you’re someone who loves the outdoors and its natural beauty and you feel drawn to spaces that pair rugged materials (like rough-hewn wood beams and stone) and comfy coziness, then adding some rustic elements to your kitchen might just be perfect for you.

Rustic mixes well with a few different design styles and it gives them that homespun charm. Even when farmhouse or even contemporary elements are at play, the rustic elements keep the overall feeling timeless and unpretentious.

Rustic cozy maple kitchen

A mix of maple cabinets and other woods can provide this rustic cozy atmosphere perfectly. The idea is to create a subtle contrast in a room dominated by neutral tones. The light tones of maple cabinets go well together with rustic wood beams that feature shades of brown.

Now that we’ve gone through a couple of design tips and ideas, let’s go over what flooring would go well with maple cabinets.

Rustic kitchen

7. What Flooring Goes Well With Maple Cabinets?

The flooring you choose to use for your maple wood kitchen heavily depends on personal preference and your kitchen design.

If, however, you want to intensify the warm and homey feeling that maple wood normally brings to your home, then go with light and neutral-coloured tile in cream or beige. Light-coloured or matching hardwood floors help make your space look cohesive and connected.

If you’re all about making the colours and shades pop, go with contrasting floors. This would make your cabinets and hardware stand out more.

Now let’s talk about how countertops can make your kitchen magnify its beauty.

White maple kitchen

8. The Best Countertop Options for Maple Kitchens

Maple is often paired with a vividly-coloured tile backsplash to intensify its beauty. When remodelling a kitchen, one of the most important pieces to choose from to complete the kitchen is the countertops, something that complements the cabinets.

This isn’t always easy with maple because of the various mixed tones and colours that can give the kitchen an entirely different look.

Some of the more common countertop choices to pair with maple cabinets are:

  • Aqua  
  • White/cream 
  • Black 
  • Tan/brown 
  • Slate gray 
  • Medium gray 
  • Green  
  • Other bold colour options 

Now that you know what countertops go well with maple cabinets, next, we have paint colours to go through, so let’s jump right in.

Countertops in kitchens life

9. The Best Paint Colours for Maple Wood Cabinets

Maple cabinets are everywhere in today’s homes. The golden honey tones and the durability of maple made it a default choice for cabinetry for decades.

It’s neutral enough to blend in but can look a bit dated in today’s era. So, one remedy is a coat of paint on the walls, it’s an easy way to freshen up your kitchen without committing to a major renovation project.

Painted maple cabinets

Fortunately, maple cabinets go well with a range of colours, depending on whether you want to choose a complementary shade to blend them better or something contrasting to make them stand out.

Here are some paint colours that go well with maple cabinets that you can use as a starting point to freshen up your kitchen:

Lastly, let’s look at a question that keeps getting asked with modern and contemporary design coming up in so many new homes…

Maple kitchen cabinets

Are Maple Kitchen Cabinets Out of Style?

Maple wood kitchen cabinets are incredibly versatile! And far from outdated. They’re one of the most durable woods used in kitchen cabinets, and with the right finishes, they can fit in perfectly with any look, whether it’s a traditional, modern, rustic, or contemporary kitchen.

So in short, maple cabinets are staying because they can easily adapt.

Grey maple kitchen cabinets

Final Thoughts

If you figure it’s time for a remodel or a renovation, you’ve been thinking about colours, layout design, and possibly even new cabinets…If you know what you’re doing, great!

But if you find that you have no idea where to start, which contractor to contact, or which supplier is better and you need help with the design – feel free to reach out to one of Decor’s kitchen dealers to work with a designer and get a holding hand through the entire process to bring your dream kitchen to life.

Discover Your Dream Kitchen With Decor

Discover Your Dream Kitchen With Decor

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