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6 Popular Kitchen Hutch Designs and Ideas That You Need to Know

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A common question asked is “What is a kitchen hutch?”

Well, in short, a hutch is a piece of furniture that is made up of two parts. The bottom part is a cabinet similar to sideboards or credenzas, and the top part is a display case made up of shelves that sit on top of these sideboards. So, simply put, it’s a shelf or cupboard for storage.

Kitchen hutches were very popular back when there weren’t any cabinets or shelves integrated into the kitchen design. Most homes were quite simple then, so the hutches were just as simple.

But now the interiors have become much more modern, and so has the design of storage spaces.


Many kitchen hutches are now being built straight into the kitchen or into the dining area. They’ve evolved and kept up with the times.

Nowadays, you can find different types, from coffee hutches to buffet hutches to adorned corner hutches, and in different design styles like modern, rustic, or traditional.

Now that you know what a kitchen hutch is, keep reading and explore all the different designs, styles, ideas, and uses for kitchen hutches!

Coffee Hutch for the Kitchen

A kitchen coffee hutch is probably the most popular way people choose to use a hutch! If you’re a coffee lover, turn it into a coffee station. With the right decorations and supplies, simply recreate the function and ambiance of your favourite coffee shop right at home.

Designate a hutch to store your daily coffee essentials like pots or grounds, syrups, and mug collection. From fully-stocked coffee cabinets and hideaway beverage nooks to a coffee bar that will make a statement in your home.

Check out this blog page with the 101 best DIY coffee station ideas for all coffee lovers for inspiring ideas on how to decorate your coffee station.

Next, let’s look at a storage hutch in the kitchen as an extension of the kitchen cabinets.

Coffee Hutch with books


Kitchen Storage Hutch

Using a kitchen hutch as a storage unit to extend kitchen cabinet storage has become increasingly popular!

If you have the space for it, a hutch in the kitchen can be one of the most attractive options for extra storage, whether you choose to go with a beautiful vintage piece or a brand new modern or contemporary style hutch.

A kitchen hutch is also the easiest and one of the cheapest ways to add storage space to your kitchen without going through a daunting remodel!

Next, we’ll see what a corner hutch is and how to incorporate that into your space.

Storage hutch


Corner Kitchen Hutch

Not all hutches are rectangular. There are triangular ones specifically made for corners. They may be a little unusual but are perfect for tight spaces.

Corner kitchen hutches are more common and popular in traditional interior designs. They have detailed ornamentation, carvings, and trims. They also often have glass panes in each door to show off the antique crockery.

Modern corner hutches aren’t seen that often because when it comes to the corner in modern design, you’ll most likely find floating or open shelves installed instead of a free-standing cabinet.

Have a peek at this blog page talking about 5 different corner hutch cabinets to get your gears spinning on what you could use in your home.


Built-in Kitchen Hutch

The absolute best feature that built-in furniture can offer is that it’s all 100% customizable! If your hutch is designed right, you can make it fit the house perfectly, no matter what it is you need to store, utilizing every last bit of usable space.

Lately, store-bought furniture is catching up, even then, freestanding furniture offers much less customizable storage space. Though, freestanding furniture offers the freedom of being able to move it around in the house.

Décor cabinet dealers can install built-in hutches with the initial kitchen build or remodel – or as an addition if you ask them for it. You can get in touch with a dealer near you to find out what options are available.

Now let’s go over what a buffet kitchen hutch looks like and what it can be used for.


Buffet Kitchen Hutch

A Classic kitchen hutch used for buffets typically has a few cabinets in the bottom that make up the sideboard with a platform in the middle and a set of cabinets or shelves up top.

Buffet hutches became super popular because they were perfect for storage, and showing off crockery at the same time. They were mostly used in the living room, but the kitchen and dining rooms were the other standard places for it.

In any case, the top cabinets of buffet hutches usually have a wooden door with glass to make everything inside displayable.

So why are they called ‘Buffet Hutches?’

They first started in Sweden, where a hutch was used to serve food and drinks, but with time it became more appropriate to use them as buffets, which is why the counter has so much space.


Bar Hutch

If you love fancy drinks and have a large collection of them but don’t know where to put them, then this hutch is for you. A bar hutch is perfect for displaying your barware and beverages.

Whether it’s in your basement, living room, den, dining room or any other space you entertain, these cabinets are a great way to store your collection and show it off at the same time, especially since each cabinet door typically has a door with glass to make the collection visible.

Bar cabinets are great focal points and conversation starters in any home. Plus they’re a fancy storage solution for fancy drinks.


Final Thoughts

The two most common uses for kitchen hutches are the coffee station and the buffet hutch!

Whether your preferred design style is a modern, minimalistic style or you lean more towards a farmhouse or traditional aesthetic, you’ll find that once you have a hutch, you won’t know how to go without one anymore.

Discover Your Dream Kitchen With Decor

Discover Your Dream Kitchen With Decor

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