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Want a Walk Through Pantry Cabinet for Stunning Storage?

walk through pantry

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Walk Through Pantry Cabinet Door

Let’s discuss some of the features and benefits of a walk through pantry cabinet. Walkway doors allow you to flow through space, from main cooking areas to a scullery, concealed butler’s pantry, or hidden storage. The door is not a regular door frame, but custom cabinetry that matches the rest of the kitchen. 

Here’s a visual on how a walk in pantry can work for your family (including pets)!

Walkway Door Cabinet Features

Tailored cabinetry like this is considerate of the fine details; a custom toe kick creates a seamless exterior for the door when closed. Quality hardware glides the door open to reveal a transition corridor to a walk through pantry

The matching toe kick on the bottom of the pantry door creates a seamless design for the kitchen.

Features of a walk through pantry include:

  • Full height cabinet doors (tall enough you can walk through)
  • Matching toe kick on the bottom of the doors
  • High-quality, soft-close, smooth cabinet hardware
  • Cabinet sides and no back (revealing the hidden pantry)
  • Pantry or butler’s kitchen with storage for dry goods, small appliances, 

Naturally, these features allow you to move through life with ease.

walk through pantry

This walk through pantry has a traditional style door with door handle, rather than cabinet door and cabinet hardware.

Benefits of a Walk Through Pantry Area

A pantry walk through cabinet beautifully blends convenience with style. This innovative design allows walk through access to pantry items, making meal prep and storage a breeze.

Not only does it maximize space by keeping everything within easy reach, but it also adds a touch of sophistication to your kitchen layout. With a walkthrough pantry door, you can enjoy a clutter-free environment, enhancing your home’s functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Convenient Pantry Access

A walkthrough pantry door offers easy access by integrating the pantry directly into the kitchen flow. This design allows you to step right into the pantry area and have everything you need immediately visible, within arm’s reach. 

If the pantry includes a counter, you have even more available space for food prep and appliance storage.

walk through pantry

This walk in butler’s pantry is stunning and convenient, with plenty of storage and a functional sink!

Hidden Appliance Storage

Hidden appliance storage inside a pantry walk through cabinet is a game-changer for maintaining a sleek and organized kitchen. I think we all love the look of a clean kitchen!

By tucking away bulky appliances like mixers, blenders, and coffee makers behind the closed doors of a walk-in pantry, your countertops remain clean and uncluttered. 

Elevated Design

A stunning walk through pantry cabinet revealing a butler’s kitchen or walk-in pantry elevates the design of a home by combining practicality with luxury.

The thoughtful inclusion of seamless walk-through cabinet doors in a pantry creates a more refined and higher-end design than a traditional pantry.

Adding a matching toe kick to the bottom of the doors helps them blend into the cabinetry rather than leaving an open space along the bottom of the pantry entrance.

walk through pantry

These full height cabinet doors open to reveal a walk in pantry! This design is cohesive with the rest of the white kitchen.

Pet Supply Storage

Keeping pet supplies organized can be a challenge. Kibble doesn’t smell like roses, so using your walk in pantry or butler’s kitchen to store their food is an excellent way to keep things tucked away!

Your pet’s dinner time can be done inside the pantry for easy cleanup if needed!

Walk through Pantry Cabinet FAQ's

Here are some frequently asked questions, all about the pantry walk through cabinet!

Should walk in pantry doors open in or out?

Most walk in pantry doors open out. In other words, they open towards you if you are on the outside.

How wide should a walk in pantry door be?

You can customize the door size(s) with custom cabinets to suit your needs.

We asked a kitchen designer what they recommended, and their answer was to keep one cabinet walkthrough door to a maximum width of 24″. For a two-door walkthrough pantry, 24-36″ is a good width.

walk through pantry

Can a walkthrough cabinet be used for other purposes than a pantry?

Yes! A pantry walk through cabinet can be used for a hidden library or laundry room. Whatever you or your designer can dream up! Custom cabinetry allows for maximum customization.

Is a pantry walk through cabinet better than regular pantry doors?

Are pantry cabinet doors better than a standard pantry door? While they have the same essential function, pantry cabinet doors are a more seamless custom option than a standard pantry door.

This gives the kitchen an elevated appearance and will wow your guests! If you are choosing custom cabinets, consider a pantry walk through cabinet.

Discover Your Dream Kitchen With Decor

Discover Your Dream Kitchen With Decor

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