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Where Life Naturally Unfolds

We are excited to introduce a collection of products that are both a breath of fresh air and a natural next step in our product range: walkway doors (with toe kick), V175H door style, wire mesh cabinet inserts, and the Summit stain collection. These products combine what is cultivated with what is natural. Our sample distributions are on their way to your showroom so you can experience the products for yourself. 

Simple Beauty

Decor door styles

Introducing the new slim shaker door series from Decor Cabinets. This whisper of trim around the door perimeter creates a subtle ridge, adding both depth and aesthetic interest. With extra narrow rails and stiles, this door is the perfect combination of transitional style and minimalist simplicity.

Available June 27


Zonavita Materials

Our new Zonavita materials evoke a sense of tranquility. The textures of oak and walnut are combined with subtle solids, creating a soft and light color pallet. These new offerings complement the existing contemporary line, while adding a feminine tide. Warm, refreshing, and smoothly bringing the comfort of nature to the home. 

Available June 17


The Summit Collection

Nature’s most essential elements inspire the Summit Collection. The enduring stability of wood is combined with earthy mid-tones to create a sophisticated and trendforward product range. Ridge, Clay, Moss, Rain, and Shale all evoke the senses of nature. From the rich beauty of rock canyons to the calming allure of riverbeds and gentle waters. Our top-selling wood stain, Briar, is centered as a foundational color: a classic and stunning staple that adds organic warmth to any space. Experience a touch of nature with the Summit Collection. 

Available June 13


Wire Mesh Inserts

Light bounces between the reflective contours of the wire mesh inserts, providing a beautiful texture and finish that could previously only be achieved by hardware. Swirling patterns of champagneplated bronze and black powdercoated basket weave are just a sampling of available options bringing geometric refinement to cabinetry. 

Available June 13


Walkway Door & Toe Kick

Walkway doors allow you to flow through space, from main cooking areas to a scullery, concealed butler’s pantry, or hidden storage. Tailored cabinetry like this is considerate of the fine details; a custom toe kick creates a seamless exterior for the door when closed. Quality hardware glides the door open to reveal a corridor of transition. Naturally allowing you to move through life. 

Available June 13


V175H Door Style

Our ever-popular V175 door is now available in a horizontal grain door style and matching drawer front. This 5-piece or flat panel door will create a strong horizon throughout a bank of cabinetry. Linear design combines what is contemporary with the classic comfort of wood grain, proving that the most basic elements can create visual impact. 

Available June 13

Spring/Summer 2024


These aren’t all the products launching this year! We have even more in store to be revealed; so check back soon for our newest releases. 

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