Zonavita Crew

Zonavita consists of a team of 6 people (Top photo from left to right: Kleber Caxias, Kate Rheault, Michael Payne, Heinrich Fast, Greg Burza, Ruth Hiebert ) working together to produce this modern line of sleek cabinets. This department is a mini United Nations, with four people from four different countries in the Production area. There are a total of eight different languages spoken!


Heinrich Fast is the Supervisor in the Zonavita department. He started working at Decor in 2008 after emigrating from Germany where he had worked at a kitchen company since 1992. He enjoys the challenge of Zonavita, especially creating special cabinets. “If the customer is happy, I am more excited for the next job. Zonavita should always be looking ahead, challenging your ideas”. Each job is also a learning experience. In Germany his coworkers called him a “Holzwurm” (wood worm) because of his passion for his job!

Heinrich enjoys spending his time off on the water, fishing, jet-skiing and boating.

Grzegorz (Greg) Burza, originally from Poland and then Ireland, has been at Decor for two years and three months. He has 20 years of experience in the cabinet industry and enjoys the challenges of building special cabinets in Zonavita.

Greg’s family is his inspiration. They enjoy camping and he is also interested in art, music and books.

Kleber Caxias has been at Decor 4-1/2 months and came here from Brazil, where he spent 22 years in the Brazilian military as a police officer. He was also a machine operator for two years. His family joined him in Canada last month. He enjoys the building process in Zonavita.

In his free time he enjoys walking, hunting and watching documentaries and movies about history, especially on WWI and WWII. Having lived in a coastal city in Brazil, Kleber also likes swimming and fishing.

Michael Payne moved to Canada from Ireland and has been at Decor for two years and three months. He enjoys working with the special, more complicated items in Zonavita. He also has a lot of experience in cabinetry, a total of 18 years. When asked about the challenges faced by the Zonavita department, Mick says its “getting products out at a constant, steady work flow and establishing consistency in the product”.

Mick is inspired by his family. With his love of sports, he can be found golfing, playing soccer (he’s a soccer coach) and hockey in his spare time.

Kate Rheault has been at Decor for 12-1/2 years, spending most of that time in R & D and the last 1-1/2 years as a CSR in Zonavita. She enjoys seeing the end result of the Zonavita kitchens, working with the Customer Service team and getting to work with the latest in materials and hardware.

Kate is inspired by her husband and son. In her spare time, she enjoys gardening, camping and playing with her son, Chance.

Ruth Hiebert has been at Decor for almost 14 years, working in Panel Pro, Drawer Dept., as an Admin. Assistant and now in Customer Service. She enjoys working with the Zonavita team, interacting with the dealers and is excited by the ever-evolving world of contemporary design.

In her time away from work, Ruth enjoys spending time with family and friends (which often includes a lovely meal and nice glass of wine, some games and lots of laughter), reading, going to the movies and painting/drawing.

Find out more about our Zonavita line here: http://zonavita.com