Work-Life Balance

If you’ve pledged to be more active this year, ou probably have several reasons for your ommitment to start exercising. Maybe it’s your expanding waistline, or maybe your doctor gave you some serious advice at your last checkup.

It’s not about being the best It’s about being better than you were yesterday

But one reason you’re probably not thinking of is better work-life balance. Hitting the gym takes time and effort to try to fit it into our busy lives. So many other things we could be doing, the last thing we think of is that exercise will make it easier….but it does.

In recent studies, findings show that making a commitment to regular exercise can ease feelings of work-life conflict in a couple of ways:

  1. Exercise reduces stress, and less stress makes time spent at work or home more productive and more enjoyable.
  2. Exercise can increase self-efficacy. A term that refers to the sense that one is capable of taking things on and getting them done. People with high self-efficacy are less likely to avoid difficult tasks or situations, and are more likely to see them as challenges to be conquered.

Not only have we given you the reasons why you should sweat it out, but we’ve also included some great places to do it!