Your career starts here

With an assortment of career opportunities available, you will have an immediate chance to make a difference. In our offices and operations, we offer unmatched opportunities for advancement. You’ll be teamed with leaders in the industry, equipped with cutting-edge technology, and supported with training and career development. You’ll learn, and you’ll grow.


While each production position requires its’ own individual skill set, all plant positions require the ability produce quality product to specified standards, stand for 8 hour shifts, move and handle product throughout the day, and be available for shift work.


Packagers prepare the finished cabinets for shipping. Packaging involves working in a group, and requires the physical ability to lift and handle various sizes of cabinets and parts.


As a Sander you prepare cabinet parts for painting. This involves using sanding blocks or an orbital sander. “Distressing” (using small hand tools to cut or modify the cabinets parts to make them look older) is part of this position as well.


Our Finishers are true craftspeople. As a finisher you’ll learn to apply the stains and paints that bring our cabinets to life.

Specialty Parts Builder

Building custom cabinets requires a craftsman’s touch, skill and patience. Working in the Specialty department, you’ll use a large variety of tools such as routers and saws to build a unique piece of our customers’ homes.


Using small hand tools, Assemblers piece together various cabinet parts to produce the finished product. This is the cabinet’s final stop before packaging, so attention to detail here is critical in order to assure that the customer receives what they ordered.

Machine Operation

Throughout our facility, in nearly every department, Machine Operators play a very important part in the construction of our cabinets. Automated sanders, sprayers, saws, routers and edge banders are a few examples of the machines you’ll find here.

Shipping & Logistics

Our Shipping department is responsible for packaging all product to ensure safe transport of each order. As product is loaded, our Logistics team is busy preparing customs clearance documents prior to departure. Our drivers, as members of our Logistics team, have the privilege of meeting our customers face-to-face as they deliver across North America.

Office and Support Departments

While each office position requires its’ own individual skill set, all office positions require computer skills, team work, and problem solving skills.

Customer Solutions

Customer Solutions staff seek to meet our customer’s needs.  They will build relationships with our dealers and ensure that all orders are accurate to a customer’s specifications before each order is signed off.

Product Design

Product Design staff provide 2D and 3D drawings for customer orders.  They generate a bill of materials and convert this information into a system that is compatible with our plant system.


Processing staff generate work orders for each department, set the priority of the orders to ensure on time delivery and will deliver daily paperwork to each department in the plant.


Purchasing staff are responsible for ordering all materials for production.  They will work with our suppliers to ensure the material arrives in our plant by the time production is ready to build.  In some cases they will deliver product to each department.

Quality Assurance

QA staff work with production, customer solutions and other departments to ensure that Decor quality standards are met.


Operations and Engineering staff are responsible for planning the flow of product through the plant.  They develop innovative solutions to continuously improve our processes and our work environment.

Health & Safety

Health & Safety staff work with supervisors and staff to ensure a safe working environment.  This department has 2 main purposes:  to develop systems to prevent injuries and to respond if an injury occurs.

Human Resources

HR staff work closely with leadership to provide resources that will help build a rewarding and harmonious work force.  HR will also work with staff to answer questions and provide information on internal and external services.


Finance staff are responsible for receiving payment from customers, paying our supplies and preparing payroll.  They provide information to leaders to help them plan for future growth and development of the company.

Information Technology

IT staff ensure our technology systems operate smoothly.  We are a computerized plant which means our IT staff could be on call round the clock!


Marketing staff promote Decor and our product internally and externally.  They work closely with Customer Solutions and HR to provide creative promotional media.


The Maintenance team is responsible to ensure that all equipment is operating smoothly to ensure production does not stall.  Their responsibilities are two-fold:  repair break-downs and plan for preventative maintenance.


Leaders are intentional influencers.  Leadership opportunities exist throughout the office and plant.