Top Builders LLC

Top Builders LLC

We started the company in August 2002. After graduating college I worked for an engineering company for two years, and I was always contemplating with the idea to follow in the footsteps of my father and continue in the remodelers tradition, so I decided upon my fathers approval to start Top Builders.

Top BuildersI was definitely inspired by my dad and his two brothers. They all worked and started a company called Stavtop, that would be translated to English as Top Builders. I spent my youth helping my father with small tasks and project management while attending college.

What do I like about our business? I believe I love every day challenges that come with working with people and at the same time visible rewarding final pictures of other projects.

If not at work, then my first place you would find me would be with my family, at the pool, cycling, going for walks or working around the house. I am also very passionate about tennis so the tennis court would be the place to find me as well.

I enjoy most of our projects, but most of all I like challenging projects and trying new design elements and new products. There is not really one favorite project that I would have to put above the others.

We really enjoy working with the Decor team, especially Pauline, and we are looking forward to new projects, new challenges and happy customers! 🙂

Written by Andy Lukosik (Owner)
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