Going to work must be safe


Decor requires Safety eyewear to be worn while on the production floor. Employees that require prescription eyewear for daily activities are also required to wear safety rated eyewear while working. Partnering with Great West Life, we assist with the cost of the safety rated frame and lens. GWL covers up to $80.00 of the exam cost while we cover 100% of the frames and lens required. This is offered after 3 months of employment has been completed and is reoffered every 2 years.


CSA rated protective footwear is required for all staff working in the production areas. Decor covers up to $75 of the cost for each employee every 2 years.

Decor offers free training in areas that affect a person’s work area.

  • First Aid/CPR and AED use
  • Emergency Response
  • Hazard Recognition
  • Inspection and Investigation

Geoff Ingalls

Geoff Ingalls
Health, Safety and Security Manager

Geoff joined Decor Cabinets in the spring of 2015. Bringing over 20 years experience in Safety, Geoff’s attitude is that Safety belongs to the employees. This attitude is driving the ongoing training programs that Decor is designing and implementing at every level of production, from managers to front line team members. Geoff creates and maintains policies, training programs and supervises the Decor Health and Wellness program.

In his personal life, Geoff is very involved in outdoor adventures, from an off the grid cabin to riding his motorcycle. Woodworking, target shooting, hunting, fishing and golf ensure his grandchildren always have an adventure waiting when they are ready to play. To find calm their hectic schedules, Geoff and his wife both enjoy maintaining large saltwater aquariums with many species of fish and corals.