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It’s all about the details

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Exotic Veneers
White Rift Oak


All 6 of our distressing options, which include Light Distressing, Heavy Distressing, Oversand, Rubthrough, Antique Distressing and Antique Wear, are done by hand.

Each distressed product has an individual yet controlled look.

  • Light Distressing
    Light Distressing involves light cutting, light dents, no cracks, no worm holes, no sanded corners
  • Heavy Distressing
    Heavy Distressing involves heavy cutting, heavy dents, cracks, worm holes sanded corners
  • Oversand and heavy distressing
    Oversand (pictured with heavy distressing) light removal of color to reveal undercoat on most sharp edges and profile
  • Rub through and heavy distressing
    Rubthrough (pictured with heavy distressing) heavy removal of color to reveal undercoat on all sharp edges and profile
  • Antique distressing
    Antique Distressing involves rasping, dents, aggressive sanding no cuts
  • Antique wear
    Antique Wear involves aggressive sanded rubthrough and Antique Distressing

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Bring order to your drawers with our kitchen interior organizers! Cutlery and utensil trays, spice and wine racks, built-in trash bins, pull-out storage, corner drawer upgrade – all available to keep your kitchen clutter-free and under control.


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We know that while the finished project is often captivating the real beauty lies in the details and the home owners personal flair.
Add a sense of grandeur with decorative end panels, corbels, spindles and mouldings.



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Box Construction

The cabinet box is completely enclosed, using a 5/8” full top with all of the floors, tops and fixed shelves glued and doweled for maximum strength. The ¼” back of the cabinet is placed into grooves found in the top, bottom and sides of the cabinet to hold it in place for maximum stability and better quality. Our frameless construction allows the cabinet box to be more accessible and our cabinet dimension can be adjusted within 1/8” increments letting you customize your cabinets to fit any space.

Wood Finishing

  • Only the finest finishing materials are used
  • After a final hand sanding, all wood products are inspected for imperfections
  • Toners are used where necessary to even out any natural wood variations
  • Furniture stains are applied and hand wiped to bring out the natural beauty of the wood and give it depth
  • A catalyzed sealer is applied to seal the wood from moisture
  • The products are hand sanded between finish coats to ensure that the product continues to maintain its smooth texture
  • All products are given a final inspection before top coat is applied
  • For even better protection, a satin topcoat of catalyzed varnish is applied
  • What is left are beautiful, quality cabinets that are easy to clean and resistant to most household chemicals


Our standard cabinet uses a full extension undermount track with our blumotion (soft close) feature. These tracks allow for more usable drawer space and are hidden underneath the drawer. It also comes standard with a clip system that allows you to easily remove the drawer from the tracks.

3 types of drawer boxes to choose from

  1. Standard Melamine – Constructed with white or natural maple melamine material. The bottom of the box is secured into grooves in the side, back and front of the drawer to give the unit strength.
  2. Maple Dovetail – Made out of 5/8” solid maple and dovetail joints for an even stronger, higher quality drawer. The bottom of the box is secured into grooves in the sides, back and front of the drawer to give the unit strength.
  3. Blum Tandembox Antaro – A metal drawer system. It comes in white, grey, black and stainless steel, optional glass sides or without side insert.


Our standard soft-close hinge allows for 110° opening and has 3 way adjustability (Left/Right, Up/Down, and In/Out). We also offer an upgraded hinge that allows a 180° opening for even more accessibility.


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Decor Cabinets are as durable and easy to care for, as they are beautiful to look at. Here are a few tips to keep your cabinets looking great for years to come.

  • For regular cleaning of all door and cabinet surfaces, (wood, melamine, laminate and painted) wipe with a damp soft cloth and then dry with another soft cloth. This is applicable for the cabinet interior as well. Remember to always wipe in the direction of the wood grain to prevent possible scratching.
  • For major cleaning of your cabinets you can do the following:
    • For wood doors and surfaces use a non-wax based cleaner that is designed specifically for wood cabinets and woodwork. You can also use lemon-based hand soap mixed with water (rinse well), or some people prefer to use lemon oil although this will leave the surface oily to the touch.
    • For painted doors and surfaces use a cleaner that is designed for painted wood cabinets and woodwork; lemon-based hand soap mixed with water or a diluted vinegar and water solution (rinse well).
    • For melamine or high pressure laminate doors and surfaces use the above methods. For stubborn stains use a damp soapy cloth with a small amount of a mild household solvent applied to it. Be certain to rinse with clean water to remove all solvent from the surface.
    • All Decor cabinets have clip-on hinges which allows you to remove the doors very easily. This will provide greater access to the cabinet interiors when giving them a thorough cleaning.
  • Never use detergents, strong soap, abrasives or waxes. They can damage your finish or leave a residue that airborne grease will stick to.

General Care

  • Excessive moisture is an enemy of any finish or wood product. Do not allow water or other liquids to be in contact with outside or inside surfaces for prolonged periods of time. Water will eventually dull the finish and can stain melamine interiors. Do not allow excessive moisture to lay against veneer toe-kick or end panels for prolonged periods of time as the wood core will eventually absorb the water and start to swell.
  • Avoid steam from kettles etc., being directed at the underside of cabinets or the bottom edge of doors. This can eventually effect the adhesion of the edgebanding and can also dull the finish.
  • Treat your Decor cabinets as you would any other fine piece of furniture and they will reward you with long lasting beauty.