Photography Competition Winners

Back on June 7 we hosted a photography workshop with photography instructor, Shannon Mann. She came in to teach us the basics of photography.

Following this we held a photography competition for all employees so they could share the new techniques they had learned and what Hometown Pride means to them. And the winners are…


Winner: Chris Suderman (Logistics)

2nd Place: Robbie Ortega (Customer Service)


Winner: Angelina Guseva (Assembly)

2nd Place: Angelina Guseva (Assembly)


Winner: Kerri Greene (Customer Service)

2nd Place: Angelina Guseva (Assembly)


Winner: Vicki Filz (Customer Service)

2nd Place: Angelina Guseva (Assembly)


Winner: Yushiel Meron (Cabinet Prep)

2nd Place: Vicki Filz (Customer Service)