Living Word Temple Kitchen Renovation

We teamed up with our suppliers to help Living Word Temple Ministry in Winnipeg get a better kitchen to server their lunch program to kids in need.

The connection

In 2017 Decor Cabinets invited Paul Winter of the Living Word Temple in Winnipeg, to speak at the Charity Classic golf tournament. Paul is a Lead Pastor and Indigenous Ministry Ambassador for the church. An important part of their ministry consists of providing meals for children and supporting families in the area. Paul says this is an important focus for them because “we know it is so much easier for the kids to learn without being hungry”.

After Paul spoke at the golf tournament and was preparing to leave, Stan Pauls asked him if there was anything the Living Word Temple needed. Less than a month later Paul reached out to ask if Decor would be able to help them update their kitchen to meet provincial health regulations which would in turn allow them to qualify for funding from Winnipeg Harvest.

The first time we went and visited the site, it was clear that storage was the order of the day

Decor got on board with the help of Blum, who donated the hardware, Whitewood and Tafisa who provided the melamine for the doors and boxes, and Floform & Willis provided the countertops. A HUGE thank you to our generous suppliers who helped make this project possible.

Candace Rudd, Two30Nine Designer, explains her role in the process and gave us some insight into the overall experience. Here’s what she had to say.

“The first time we went and visited the site, it was clear that storage was the order of the day. There was nowhere for stuff to go and all their supplies were piled up in the storage room area. The cabinets were old and falling apart – they couldn’t go on using the space to prepare public meals. The team at Living Word was very excited to get the process started so they could continue to make a difference in their community!

By taking down the separating wall between the existing kitchen and storage area, they gained floor space to have many hands make light work of the cooking and cleaning duties. The large island give lots of prep space and incorporates multiple working heights to accommodate the needs of different users. We added smart storage solutions like super susans, drawer banks, floating shelves and pull out trays to make accessing supplies quick and easy. A closet for brooms/cleaning supplies around the existing unsightly drain pipe in one corner.

With the high use of the space, I wanted more for them than just a laminate countertop that would be easily cut or burned. Willis & Floform both partnered on the project to provide them with Corian countertops throughout the space to give them a bacteria resistant, nonporous surface that is also easy to clean and repairable.

This was a very rewarding project to be a part of, and because of the new space we created for them they are now able to provide a full lunch program for nearby schools out of their space every weekday that otherwise would not have been possible.”

Lunch Program

When the Living Word Temple first began partnering with a local school for their lunch program, they supplied food for 20 kids 3 times a week. Today, the lunch program runs five days a week and feeds 100 students! This renovation will go a long way in ensuring that the program is able to continue to grow; allowing for more staff, volunteers, and ultimately, more meals.

If you are interested in learning more about the Living Word Temple and the work they are doing, you can find them on Facebook @LivingWordWpg.

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