Hanover Rona Building Centre

Hanover Rona Building Centre

Meet John Turner. A 63 year old gentleman, with more years of experience, than some of us are old! He is the only designer in the “kitchen design department” at the Rona in Hanover, ON.

John was a “high end” cabinet maker/designer for 43 years before working at the Project Centre, a division of the Hanover Rona Building Centre. In 2011 the owners, Brian and Jane Haack, bought a warehouse beside the store, where he designed and installed over 500 sq. feet of showroom, complete with 9 kitchen vignettes and about a dozen bathroom vanities, showers, etc.

“My department is just that….. ‘my department’…. cuz I’m the only designer and consequently the only one who sells Decor out of this location.”
– John Turner

In 2012 Habitat for Humanity Grey Bruce, a faith based organization that helps fight poverty through home ownership, celebrated 25 years of building safe and affordable homes for low income families in Grey and Bruce counties.

The cupboards are more than generous in size, as I have yet to even come close to filling them. The variety of colors and finishes I had to choose from was more than expected! – Niki D’Auvernay
Habitat for Humanity recipient

“To celebrate this milestone we began the largest project ever attempted by an affiliate of our size. We began a project to build 8 homes on one site in the town of Hanover, Ontario. With the support of several hundred volunteers and with the financial support of companies like Decor Cabinets we were able to accomplish our objective. In December 2013 the last family moved into their home to bring to otal 14 adults and 19 children that would have a safe and affordable home to spend Christmas in 2013 and for many Christmases to come.”
– John E. McLachlan, CFP Partnership Coordinator.

When it comes to Habitat for Humanity, he designed the kitchen layout to suit the building. The 8 families were then brought to the showroom where they talked about “the great cabinets they were about to own.” They were shown the various door styles and colors that were available to them. John says, “Needless to say, they were all very excited and appreciative of their new kitchens.”

John installed the first two kitchens to make sure of the fit, then proceeded training a group of volunteers to install the last 6 units.

Way to go John!

Visit Hanover Rona Building Centre: http://www.rona.ca/en/Hanover-building-centre-hanover