Handpick Food by Ingredients

Handpick App

Handpick is an innovative food discovery app that’s solving the universal problem of what to do with ingredients, by providing dish ideas using what you have on hand.

Handpick’s 10 million socially shared food posts include dishes from 1.6 million content creators worldwide. The company, with offices in San Francisco, Shanghai and Manila; is building innovative technologies in food image recognition, food data analysis and ingredient recommendations.

“Food is such an integral part of our lives, yet knowing how to put ingredients to use is something consumers constantly struggle with,” said William Chen, Managing Partner of ClearVue Partners. “By creating the world’s largest searchable collection of food posts, Handpick is enabling consumers and businesses to follow what people around the world are eating, understand the changing trends in consumer tastes, and know how food ingredients are being consumed globally.”

Download Handpick and see what the world is eating at www.handpick.com