Kitchen Cleaning Tricks That Really Work

That lemon-half method is just one of SEVEN kitchen cleaning tricks Food52 recently shared, and like so many of our favorites, it’s one that never occurred to us but makes so much sense once we consider it. Looking at the rest of the list inspired us to take a look back at some of our favorite kitchen cleaning posts, and of course we had to share what we found with you! What follows is the best of both worlds: seven kitchen cleaning hacks from our archives and from Food52. First up? That lemon-in-the-oven trick.

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Lindsay Construction Services


Lindsay Constructions Services is located in Guelph, Ontario serving the Golden Horseshoe area of Ontario. Lloyd Lindsay, President is the lead designer and works with other designers on projects as required. We have 7 employees at our head office, and our field crews range from 5 employees to 10, depending on volume. Our relationship with Décor started this year.
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Zonavita Crew

Zonavita consists of a team of 6 people (Top photo from left to right: Kleber Caxias, Kate Rheault, Michael Payne, Heinrich Fast, Greg Burza, Ruth Hiebert ) working together to produce this modern line of sleek cabinets. This department is a mini United Nations, with four people from four different countries in the Production area. There are a total of eight different languages spoken!

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