Are you addicted to your phone?

Photographer Eric Smith captured a photo while on Redondo Beach, California a month back.

In it, a magnificent whale surfaces from the ocean depths, offering a rare look at one of God’s most awe-inspiring creations. In the meantime, another of God’s creations stares at his phone, apparently oblivious to the majesty around him.

The Twenty-First Century Explained In One Depressing Image

It’s as good a summary of the twenty-first century as you’re likely to find in 2015, and Smith is pretty bummed about it. “He could have been texting his mom in the hospital for all I know,” he told ABC News. “But I thought it sucked that he missed such a wonderful moment happening just two feet in front of him.” According to Smith, he captured several shots of the whale, but the man in the photo never looked up once…